Potter WCS Series Water Column Switch

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WCS COLUMN SWITCH CSFM MEA with powder coat paint nish Four openings for conduit ttings and Approvals UL Listed Standard 346 Guide USQT Speci cations Ambient temperature range 40 120 4,5 49 NEMA Type 1 for indoor use only Formed sheet metal Supply Voltage 120VAC unswitched Fitting Thread Connection and NPT Working Pressure 175 PSI Use Dry Pipe Pre Action Automatic Sprinkler Systems NFPA 13 Reset The WCS will automatically reset when the water the system is lowered below the probe location WCS and WCS Rating SPDT 10.0 Amps 120VAC 2.0 Amps 30V DC resistive Then remove the rst lock washer nut from the probe threads Orient the slotted holes in the control unit over the heads of the mounting screws of the probe and turn the control unit counter clockwise so that the ends of the slot are fully under the mounting screw heads Tighten screws securely Replace the lock washer and nut onto the probe and tighten Requirements Standards NFPA 25 and Procedure See Fig 4 the dry and pre action valves as directed by the valve During a partially open control valve test the control must be left in the partially open position for a period of time cient to allow water to reach the probe location When the yellow on the WCS becomes illuminated close the control valve the valve manufacturers instructions drain the system and the valve The WCS will automatically reset when the water drops below the probe location If priming water is required sure that the level of the priming water is in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and below the location of the probe sure that water entering the system during test does not enter in to system piping that is exposed to current freezing conditions Pending Number WCS NPT Probe WCS NPT Probe for use in hazardous locations Information Water Column Switch is an electronic supervisory switch used to the presence of a conductive uid water that can accumulate become trapped in the piping directly above the clapper on a or Pre Action valve The electronic circuitry of the WCS is to indicate the presence of water accumulated to a speci c that if left unattended could impair or prevent the operation a dry pipe or pre action automatic sprinkler valve The yellow indicates the presence of water The green LED indicates that input voltage is present Installation See Fig 1 Apply a small amount of pipe sealant to the external threads of probe NOT use te on tape If a mechanical tee is used A grounding wire from pipe to the mechanical tee may be required to ensure proper operation Be sure the probe is installed above the priming water line and the point where the riser exits the valves heated enclosure Be sure the exposed portion of the stainless steel probe is a minimum of 1 4 from any grounding surface inside the sprinkler system piping to prevent the probe from shorting See Fig 1 Tighten the probe into the connection point with a wrench using the bushing ats provided Align the two mounting screws vertically along the center line of the riser See Fig 2 Unit Mounting Onto The Probe See Fig 3 Make sure the heads of the two mounting screws in the probe bushing are loosened approximately 1 8 from the bushing surface Electric Signal Company LLC 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 IN USA MFG 5401158 REV D 1 OF 3 COLUMN SWITCH ELECTRICAL KNOCKOUTS 1 2 CONDUIT CONNECTION 1158 4 Block Connections Clamping Plate Terminal or 1 2 NPT FITTING insulated section of a single conductor should not be looped the terminal and serve as two seperate connections The must be severed thereby providing supervision of the in the event that the wire becomes dislodged from under terminal Use 18 AWG min or as required by local code insulation rating must be at least 167 75 WIRING DIAGRAM PANEL SUPERVISORY WIRING DIAGRAM 120VAC ALARM DEVICE ONLY WIRING DIAGRAM 24VDC ALARM DEVICE POWER COM NC NO CONTACTS POWER COM CONTACTS POWER CONTACTS 1158 5 1158 5 1158 5 IN USA 5401158 REV D 2 OF 3 Spacing Requirements Fig 1 Installation Fig 2 MIN MIN COLUMN SWITCH 1158 1 Mount only with probe facing horizontally or vertically Do not mount with probe angled upward Maintain probe as indicated Unit Mounted On Probe Fig 3 LOCK WASHER AND NUT SCREW 1158 2 SCREWS Cleaning And Replacement Fig 4 must be inspected annually for scale build up Clean all scale from and te on sleeve taking care not to damage the te on sleeve should be replaced every 10 years Control Unit should be replaced every 15 years In areas of humidity and heavy dust or other airborne contaminants more replacement may be required WATER LED POWER LED BLOCK 1158 3 SLEEVE INSULATOR careful not to damage during cleaning 1108 8 IN USA 5401158 REV D 3 OF 3

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