Potter WFS-5 Waterflow Switch

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Potter Electric Signal Mfg LTD Westmore Drive Units 6 7 Ontario Canada M6H 2Z7 882 1833 SWITCH Electric Signal Company Craig Road P O Box 28480 Louis MO 63146 4161 878 4321 800 325 3936 LISTED As extinguishing system attachments Alarm 3813 EO FM Factory Mutual Setting Trips on rising pressure at 5 1 psi Differential Minimum 1 psi Factory set non adjustable Switch SPDT for use with NO or NC circuits A or B Terminals Meets ULC Installation Stan of Fire Alarm System CAN 5524 M8 Rating 250VAC 15A 1 4 HP 125VAC 15A HP 250VDC 0.2A 125VDC 0.4A 30VDC 2A Connection 1 2 NPT male Pressure 400 psi 27.6 bar Operating Pressure 175 psi Cast aluminum fire engine red paint Zinc Plated Steel Approx 1 lb 10 oz 75 kg See instructions on page 2 of this bulletin Order Specify Potter Model WFS 5 Waterflow Switch Tamper Activated by cover removal VIEW SHOWN WITH COVER REMOVED WFS 5 precision ULC Listed Sprinkler Switch is designed as a waterflow alarm switch to sound Local or Central Station alarms indicate water is flowing from a sprinkler head on wet or dry systems Designed to be connected to the alarm port and on pressure increase IN CANADA 5401064 REV C 1 OF 2 SWITCH MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS Mount in any position via 1 2 NPT male fitting wrench tighten Seal threads with teflon tape to seal properly Test fitting for leakage under maximum operating pressure to the standard of the authority having jurisdiction conduit and conduit connectors using 7 8 diameter hole for 1 2 conduit CONNECTIONS RATING 15A 1 4 HP 15A 1 8 HP 0.2A 0.4A 2A for connection to CLASS A or CLASS B circuits NO or NC configuration SWITCH ELECTRICAL CONNECTION function of switch to the standard of the authority having jurisdiction IN CANADA 5401064 REV C 2 OF 2

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