Potter VSA-2 Series Vault Sound Alarm System

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VSA SERIES SOUND ALARM SYSTEM UL Listed Push button balancing On board accumulator Built in test button and sounder Manual sensitivity adjustment Powered by alarm panel Self test to validate system performance VSA series is a self contained sound detection system listed by Laboratories Inc for the primary protection of reverberant non reverberant vaults such as bank and mercantile vaults VSA system contains a microprocessor driven DC differential balance which is adjusted so that the impedance of the microphone circuits balanced with the internal impedance of the differential circuit The will alarm through it SPDT alarm relay contacts if the microphone impedance increases or decreases main controller and the microphone are combined into a single VSA 1 main controller utilizes a single button for system balancing The accumulator allows the system to alarm after receiving a set of pulses during a 10 minute time frame The accumulator has adjustable range of 0 to 9 pulses is manually adjustable to detect all attacks as set forth in UL and UL 681 on board test button and sounder provide a means to manually test system during system inspection Remote Test Annunciator RTA can be installed in a remote location by the alarm control panel The RTA allows for remote testing and annunciates the system condition with LED optional self test feature validates the system performance This enables the user to be informed of possible system degradation to severe environmental changes before finding out too late VSA will integrate and may be powered by any alarm control panel VSA 2K is a kit consisting of one 1 VSA 1 Controller Microphone 1 VSM microphone and one 1 RTA remote test annunciator can be expanded by adding eight 8 additional VSM for a total of ten 10 microphones including the VSA 1 unit microphone UL certification is required the VSA system must be installed in with U L 681 Including at least one manual initiating device the vault and connection of the VSA to a UL listed control unit Information 1 VSA 1 controller microphone 1 VSM microphone 1 RTA remote test annunciator 2000076 1 VSA 1 controller microphone 1 RTA remote test annunciator test annunciator mount kit Number Electric Signal Company LLC 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8880127 REV B 1 OF 2 SERIES SOUND ALARM SYSTEM Temerature Contacts Annunciator Testing Power Current Connections x 3.43 1.1lb VSM 0.9lb to 120 0 to 49 Form C for tamper relay 2.0 amps 30VDC Form B for tamper relay 2.0 Amps 30VDC Status LED not visible through enclosure for displaying system status and test switch for remote testing connections to a test switch initiates system test for users On board test button to facilitate installation into the VSA 1 conrol unit permitting 0 9 accumulated signals at 25 below the standard alarm threshold balancing by pressing a balancing button adjustable to detect all attacks set forth in UL639 and UL681 for sound detectors to 16.0VDC 12VDC nominal nominal 250mA maximum at test sound generation free high impact PC ABS alloy based enclosures with tamper Do not use VSM tampers wiring is provided by VSA 1 conduit openings System Layout is recommended to install at least one VSA 1 or VSM in every x 12 area The VSA 2 is not recommended for fur vaults Absorption of sounds by furs may decrease the sensitivity of the system as the volume of furs change over time IN USA 8880127 REV B 2 OF 2

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