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Lead Acid Pulse Load Battery Tester Ideal for maintenance of fire and security alarm systems Fundamentally different to traditional testers Accurate pulse load testing Tests ability to deliver current to maintain voltage under load Tests battery performance not just voltage or internal resistance Identifies weak or failing batteries LED indicates percentage of remaining battery capacity Fast Test Time approximately 15 seconds Easy to use Battery safe does not damage or drain the battery Accurate results on new partially discharged stored batteries is ideal for testing batteries in fire and security alarm Using pulse load technology it provides a comprehensive test a battery state of charge and condition puLSe LoaD teSting Press the TEST key StanDarDS kinkless test leads copper clamps 30 rubber coated 8.75 x 5.5 x 1.75 x 14cm x 4.4cm 4 x AA alkaline batteries to function supplied for uSe Turn on power switch located to the right hand side of unit Select the type of battery to be tested by pressing the MODE key until the LED next to the correct battery type illuminated Connect the test leads to the battery terminals ensuring a good connection with the red lead connecting to the positive terminal and the black lead connecting to the negative battery terminal LEDs will flash in sequence indicating the test is in progress When the test is complete one LED will remain lit indicating battery state of charge or remaining capacity Make two tests at five second intervals to verify that the battery has stabilised and is delivering consistent power Turn off power switch aVaiLaBLe froM SDi Professional Smoke Detector Testers with approved and listed dispensers Genuine Professional Heat Detectors for fixed temperature rate of rise and detectors CO Detector Testers with approved and listed dispenser Aerosol Dispensing Tools as recommended by detector manufacturers Detector Removal Tools for all leading makes and models of detector Access Poles enable detector maintenance up to 30 ft Complete Maintenance and Service Systems providing complete solutions in economical and kit formats identify sensitivity drift and help ensure that smoke Smoke Detector Sensitivity Instruments detector sensitivity is maintained within defined parameters voltage alone is not a reliable parameter for determining capacity and condition it also does not indicate whether battery will be able to deliver power when placed under load than simply displaying a voltage reading cellchecker a battery remaining power capacity by measuring its to maintain voltage levels while under load The tester then an assessment based on these readings and displays the percentage capacity of the battery load testers verify that a battery can deliver power by actually it deliver power The duration and repetition of the load test varies depending on the battery type being tested Factors are considered when determining the size and duration of pulse load are battery design high rate or low rate battery and the battery typical application This helps ensure the power demand on the battery during the pulse load test be comparable to what the battery experiences under normal conditions is imperative to determine whether a battery would be able to the necessary load for the required amount of time without Practically only load testing can achieve this properly testers that test a battery under no load do not accurately the battery performance in operating conditions load the battery shall perform in accordance with the manufacturer specifications 72 2002 Table Campus Parkway Neptune NJ 07753 6815 USA 732 751 9266 Fax 732 751 9241 sales sdifire com Web www sdifire com

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