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cHekkit smoke Tester smoke is a hand held functional tester ionisation and photoelectric smoke detectors quick one second spray from floor level provides safe reliable and economical method of testing UL Listed and detector manUfactUrer endorsed formULa LoWest cost Per test fastest cLearinG time non fLammabLe non toxic no PHtHaLate esters no siLicon content ozone friendLy WitH no cfcs sensor safe does not damaGe PLastic casinG or circUitry most WideLy Used detector tester formULa in tHe WorLd and manUfactUred by WorLd GenUine market Leader smoke developed for use and suitable for testing types of smoke detectors See website for details standards detectors shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing and an alarm response Testing with smoke or listed aerosol shall be as one acceptable test method 72E 8 smoke detector shall be tested for operation by introducing smoke or smoke to the detector chamber the case of detectors all types tests must ensure that products of combustion capable of passing unhindered from the protected area to the sensing chamber elements of the detector and not simply test the ability of the detector to sample verify the status of the atmosphere already in the sensing chamber 1 2002 45.3 smoke detectors should be functionally tested by a method that confirms smoke can enter the detector chamber and produce a fire alarm signal e g use of apparatus that generates simulated smoke or suitable aerosols around detector It should be ensured that the material used does not cause damage or affect the subsequent performance of the detector 1 2002 45.4 D stimulus of the sensing element through introduction of the phenomena or phenomena which the detectors are designed to detect forms part of test s use of a test button or a test magnet for example or compliance with confirmation of analogue values does not satisfy the recommendations 5839 1 2002 45.3 Note 4 smoke meets or exceeds all the relevant Industry standards providing effective and testing as well as the highest international on filling labelling safety and compatibility smoke detector tester avaiLabLe from tHe manUfactUrer Aerosol Dispensing Tools as Professional Smoke Detector Testers with Genuine Professional Heat Detectors and CO Detector Testers with Detector Removal Tools of Access Poles Complete Maintenance and Service Systems providing and Smoke Detector Sensitivity Instruments within Campus Parkway Neptune NJ 07753 6815 USA 732 751 9266 Fax 732 751 9241 Email sales sdifire com

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