Cerberus Pyrotronics CE-S Control Element Module 9359

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ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Control Element Module Form C Relay Contacts Field Programmable Requires No DIP Switch Solid LED to Indicate Activation Scew Terminals Provided Listed FM CSFM and Approved CE S Addressable Control Element provides a set of C relay contacts and addressable electronics to its use on the IXL System Network Communication An optional trim plate model FR5 is available for mounting Each control element contains an LED for of normal monitoring or alarm activation and Architect Specifications control element shall be provided as model CE S This shall be connected to the Network Communication and be field programmable for one of the following Remote Relay Form C 1 Amp 24 VDC 200mA VAC with supervised relay operation or Remote Audio Circuit 1 Amp There shall be an LED on device that will flash to indicate the unit is being and a steady LED to indicate the unit has been CE S Control Element connects directly to the Network Communication Line via either NFPA 72 Style 6 Class A or NFPA Standard 72 Style 4 B wiring Configuration the quiescent mode the addressable electronics in the Control Element monitors the unit for internal status The Control Element in its quiescent will flash a red LED to indicate that the monitored is active and functional In this state the Form C associated with the Control Element are in a de state an alarm occurs the system program causes the Control Element to activate When the Control is activated it reacts by energizing its relay The will remain energized as long as the Control Element activated The LED on the cover plate will remain lit to indicate activation NUMBER Control Element will report a Trouble whenever there is break in the external wiring when internal circuitry fails or there is a Network Communication Line Break of Control Elements must be performed a new unit is installed In order to program a Control the control panel must be placed in the program mode The address will be assigned to the Control that has the Programming Tool applied to it The must have an EOL device in place to program if it is as a remote signal circuit Also refer to the IXL Manual for CE S and system configuration details Control Element s should be installed in accessible for maintenance purposes They should be surface or flush in visible locations so that their LED may be seen for quick and easy verification Diagram and Environmental Temperature Humidity Current to 49 non condensing deactivated relay activated VDC from Network Line at 30 VDC Amp at 120 VAC C Contact Voltage Rating Element Housing standard electrical box 11 16 x 4 11 16 x 2 3 4 x 4 3 4 x 1 5 8 3 4 x 5 3 4 x 1 2 Ring Information Mount Element Trim Ring Tool Use 18 AWG minimum wire Limit the maximum ohms per pair to 80 Use shielded twisted pair End the shield ONLY at the MMB 1 enclosure Pyrotronics Ridgedale Ave Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1995 sheet dated 12 93

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