Cerberus Pyrotronics SM-30 Control Module 3162

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System 3 Control Module AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS SM 30 SM 30 Module LED Indicators Dual Circuit Control Placement Supervised SPDT Switches ULC Listed NYMEA and Approved Switch Module Model SM 30 is designed to provide 2 SPDT manually operated switches to perform a wide of system control functions function would include but not be limited to the Audible signal silence for each individual audible Manual activation of relays audible signals etc System disconnect Zone disconnect Shunt type city box disconnect Alarm drill Fan relay override Timer coder or municipal tie by pass Extinguishing system release their position during system operation the provide a single pole double throw contact through terminals The yellow LED indicators mounted on the of the module one for each switch are not illuminated the switches are manually thrown to the SPDT contact condition is reversed and their LED indicators are illuminated The contact rating of switches is 0.5 amp 30 Vdc or 120 Vac is also provided within the module to indicate trouble when a switch is in an abnormal position if desired Model SM 30 is placement supervised providing a trouble signal upon removal from the system unit is Underwriters Laboratories Inc listed Specifications manually operated switches shall be provided mounted a single module assembly for the purpose of opening or circuits which control system operating functions module the Cerberus Pyrotronics Switch Module SM 30 shall contain two 2 SPDT switches one for circuit connected to screw type terminals mounted on face of the module addition the module shall contain a yellow LED indicator for each circuit that shall illuminate when the switch is from position to position The shall be system interconnected by a ten pin plug harness assembly and shall be operable with the main panel NUMBER Model SM 30 shall be placement supervised and shall Underwriters Laboratories Inc listed Information Requirement Normal None Operated 45 ma each Wiring Information Module Number Switch Module for Canada Pyrotronics Ridgedale Ave Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1996 sheet dated 3 92

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