Cerberus Pyrotronics CXL-G Color Graphics System for the CXL 3516

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CXL G Graphics System for the CXL AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Graphic Display of System Events SVGA Graphics Support Event Display by Color PC Based Interactive Terminal Mode w Full MXL Control Context Sensitive Help Complete History Log w Report Generation Supervised Color Printer Support Automatic and Manual Graphic Screen Printing Supervised Printer Support PAL 1 Ten Levels of Zoom for Each Detection Device Touch Screen Support Graphical Arming and Disarming of Devices Uses Existing CAD Drawings or Scanned Regardless of Format Icon Library w Custom Icon Editor Special Instruction Field File Consistency Reports Password Protection NYMEA CSFM and FM Approved ULC Listed is a PC based color graphics display package for with the Cerberus Pyrotronics CXL System The CXL G Graphics Package provides up to ten high resolution levels for each device on a CXL System These allow the user to quickly identify the exact location any alarm or trouble occurrence It also provides event history logging to the PC hard disk This can be accessed using multiple index criteria The of history log space is limited only by the available on the hard disk drive Logs can be saved to disks and the hard drive can be cleared History log can be displayed on the screen or printed supports the use of a touch screen for the entry of commands The system may also be used in a emulation mode allowing the execution of CXL commands from the PC keyboard It supervises parallel printers such as the Epson compatible LC24 200 color printer and the HP Laserjet black white printer software includes a TSR Terminate and Stay screen capture program which allows the of a customer existing floor plan drawings of their CAD format Images may also be and used as screens including photos and text mouse is supplied for easy placement of device icons on various graphic screens and for the selection of points be armed and disarmed All programming is user with windowed information boxes and pull down A device icon library is supplied along with an icon for creation of custom icons on each graphics screen is a flashing icon the alarm or trouble condition alarms shown in troubles shown in yellow with visual indication of status Programming selection allows the of all devices or active devices only on each It also includes the 32 character custom device as provided by the CXL and space for two lines special instructions Multiple custom banners can be when the system is in the normal condition NUMBER Listed IBM Industrial Computer the use of multiple PC or multiple monitors graphics display locations can be provided using multiple PC only one may be in a terminal mode and multiple sets of CXL G packages be used Listed Industrial Computer Listed Industrial Computer Disk or higher or higher MBytes MBytes MBytes MBytes GBytes or higher MBytes GBytes Card XGA 2 XGA 2 XGA 2 Monitor 19 15 19 15 19 15 Screen 19 only 19 only 19 only Ports COM2 COM2 COM2 Ports LPT2 LPT2 LPT2 All the above are IBM industrial computers UL 864 and UL 1076 listed To obtain 4 hours of standby power the Lifeline model 9300067 UPS is Interface Module Interface Module Information Information Listed CXL Color Graphics Software Disk Computer Mouse Bus Mouse Card Software CXL G Installation Listed IBM Industrial Computer UL Listed IBM Industrial Computer UL Listed 15 SVGA Monitor Listed Parallel Printer Listed Touch Select Touch for 19 Monitor Installation Manual Rack Mounting Kit for PC 1 CP6023 Rack Keyboard Mounting Kit with Lock Requires 1 Rack Mounting Kit for 19 Rack Mounting Kit for 15 Optical Filter for 19 Monitor See descriptions under UL listed Industrial Computer requirements Rack Mounting Slides MBytes MBytes Listed 19 SVGA Monitor Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 www cerbpyro com in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1997 sheet dated 3 96

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