Cerberus Pyrotronics FM-10 20 40 70125 200 Cylinder and Valve Assemblies 6002

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ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS and Valve Assemblies FM 10 20 40 70 125 200 Sizes Filled at Factory in One lb Flow Rate Valve Manual Electric or Pressure Operated Optional Liquid Level Indicator on Mounting on FM 10H and 70H Listed Approved cylinder sizes are available 10 20 40 70 125 and 200 lb They can be filled as shown below Lbs A C sizes are charged with FM 200TM and pressurized with nitrogen 360 psig at 70 They are manufactured tested and marked in with D O T specifications 4BA500 or 4BW500 for the sizes The 125 and 200 lb cylinders are fitted with lifting for convenience in handling and valve assemblies FM 10H 20H 40H and 70H are with an internal siphon tube having a curved lower end permits mounting horizontally Cylinder bracketing is for vertical horizontal and wall mounting Valves 10 20 40 70 and 125 lb size cylinders use a valve with a 1 unified thread outlet the 200 lb size uses a valve with a 2 inch thread outlet Both valves are of a pressure seated high rate design in order to meet the rapid discharge time specified NFPA 2001 Both have a brass body a brass piston with resilient a pressure releasing pilot check assembly for manual and actuation a safety disc assembly a pressure guage and connection port with a built in check valve for attachment of an solenoid valve which relieves the pressure above the and permits the piston to travel upward thus fully opening valve and permitting the FM 200TM to discharge through the The discharge outlet is fitted with an anti recoil plug which is safety device to prevent movement of the cylinder in the event of while the cylinder valve is not connected to the piping and the cylinder is not securely fastened to a solid NUMBER Controls valve sizes are threaded to accept the same set of valve described below Electric Solenoid Valve Solenoid valve is normally closed and opens upon electric being applied thus relieving the pressure above the valve and causing the cylinder valve to open The solenoid valve a swivel nut for mechanical connection to the cylinder valve For connection it is furnished with 18 pigtails which are led flexible metallic conduit to allow convenient removal of the valve from the cylinder valve when servicing Manual Control Head Local the actuating lever through 90 causes a pin to depress and the pilot check on the valve and releases FM 200TM pressure the valve piston Manual Control Head Remote actuation as the local manual except the lever is controlled by a 1 16 inch diameter stainless steel pull cable enclosed in inch E M T with corner pulleys at each change in direction The terminates in a remotely located pull box Pressure Actuator pressure actuator replaces the local and remote control heads the valve It contains a piston of sufficient area to provide the force to open the pilot check when pressure from the discharge of a master cylinder is applied through 5 16 The pressure actuator is used on pressure operated slave which are to be released simultaneously with the master master cylinder can be used to pressure operate up to a of four slave cylinders If more than four cylinders are up to 15 may be pressure operated using a nitrogen cylinder cylinder valves have a pressure actuation outlet port It opens the same space as the valve outlet and is under pressure only the valve is discharging The port has a 1 8 pipe thread which fitted with a pipe plug The pipe plug is removed when the port is be used and a master cylinder adapter kit is installed The or pipe is connected to the outlet of the adapter kit and run the pressure actuators on the slave cylinders Combination Pressure Actuator and Manual special pressure actuator is also available to which either a local remote type manual control head can be attached It is used both pressure actuation and manual control is required for same cylinder Information Size lb lb lb lb lb lb Weight of empty cylinders lbs 11 KG lbs 14 KG lbs 17 KG lbs 24 KG lbs 44 KG lbs 63 KG Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1996 sheet dated 9

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