Cerberus Pyrotronics FM-200L 350L 500L Liquid Level Indicator 6004

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FM 200TM Extinguishing Systems Level Indicator ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS FM 200L FM 350L and FM 500L Level Located No Need to Move or Cylinders Simple Procedure Uninterrupted Hazard Protection as Option Approved Listed FM 200TM Liquid Level Indicator Models FM 200L 350L 500L are designed to determine the weight of FM in 200 lb 350 lb and 500 lb cylinders The unit is Laboratories Inc listed and Factory Mutual Liquid Level Indicator consists of a magnetic tape projects from the cylinder shoulder down into the to a point well below the minimum fill level A metal tube is inserted into a special fitting located in top of the 200 lb 350 lb or 500 lb FM 200TM cylinder indicator is provided with a graduated tape designed sense the position of a toroidal magnet encased within internal float riding on the liquid surface The gradua of the tape indicate the location of the liquid level the cylinder use the magnetic tape to determine the weight of FM in the cylinder it is necessary only to remove the cap the tape Lift the tape with the fingers until magnetic occurs between the magnet in the float and on the of the tape This can easily be felt and the fingers then release the tape which will be held in position The graduated tape is then read to the tenth of an inch at its entry to the fitting The of the cylinder is read with a thermometer and weight of the FM 200TM in the cylinder is read from a of temperature curves on a graph of inches vs of FM 200TM Separate graphs are provided for the lb 350 lb and 500 lb cylinders NUMBER Specification FM 200TM Storage cylinders shall be fitted with a liquid indicating device for determining the weight of the charge in the cylinders The device shall consist a brass diptube with a stainless steel float riding on the of the diptube and a flexible magnetic tape within diptube Both the tape and the float shall be fitted with capable of coupling so as to suspend the mag tape with its calibrations easily read at the entry to diptube indicating the actual liquid level in the cylinder graph shall be provided to translate the magnetic tape to pounds of FM 200TM in the cylinder at the temperature A cap shall be provided to retain the within the diptube when in service but not in use The level shall be installed as an option or as a permanent of the cylinder assembly and shall be Underwriters Inc listed and Factory Mutual approved Information Description Weight Empty lb capacity cylinder with level indicating device lb capacity cylinder with level indicating device lb capacity cylinder with level indicating device lbs Kg lbs Kg lbs Kg Includes skid Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1996 sheet dated 9

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