Cerberus Pyrotronics PE-11 Photoeletric Smoke Detector 6169

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PE 11 Smoke Detector AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Advanced Field Cleanable Chamber Design Self Diagnostic Multi Color LED for Normal Trouble or Alarm Low Profile Design Easy Twist In Base Design Made in USA at ISO 9001 Facility Listed ULC Listed CSFM NYMEA Approved Cerberus Pyrotronics PE 11 Series Photoelectric Detector with its microprocessor controlled self circuitry eliminates cumbersome sensitivity test It is the most advanced detector in its class detector employs a simple twist in base for ease of and has a field cleanable replaceable and bug screen This detector is highly immune false alarm caused by deceptive phenomena such as or RF The PE 11 has a full range of accessories including remote alarm indicator remote sensi and alarm indicator relay and audible base adapters a base adapter that allows use in older Cerberus DB 3S Series bases PE 11 is a two wire plug in type photoelectric smoke which is compatible with Cerberus Pyrotronics SXL and System 3 conventional systems and on loops of MXL Series IXL and XL3 analog systems PE 11 contains an infra red light emitting diode LED a light sensing photodiode arranged so that under conditions light from the LED does not reach the When smoke enters the photo chamber light from the IR LED is scattered by the smoke par and is received by the photodiode The electrical produced by the photodiode is compared to a set alarm threshold and if sufficient to indicate an latches the detector alarm The PE 11 is reset at the panel PE 11 has self testing circuitry which tests the detector defective operation or contamination every 6 7 If a problem is detected the multi color LED will flash amber until the problem is corrected detector flashes green in normal operation In the mode the detector will flash red every 2 3 seconds latch into alarm alerting the control panel to the alarm This microprocessor controlled self diagnostic eliminates the need for external test meters or equipment for detector testing and also alerts users trouble conditions prior to periodic system checks detector is field cleanable by twisting the detector out the base unsnapping the chamber from the outer cover cleaning or replacing the removable chamber labyrinth bug screen PE 11 utilizes the low profile DB 11 surface mounting which may be used with a 4 inch square or octagonal as well as a single gang electrical box The PE 11 has NUMBER base assembly into which the detector is installed be a twist lock design with screw clamp terminals A lock shall be installed in those areas where tamper installation is required as indicated in the draw detector or group of detectors shall require a two wire of 18 AWG thermoplastic fixture wire enclosed in or 18 AWG limited energy shielded cable without if permitted by local building codes All wiring be approved for fire alarm use and in compliance with and local codes detector shall be Cerberus Pyrotronics Model PE 11 a DB 11 surface mounting base Specifications Specifications Requirements Normal 100mA peak 40mA 26.6 VDC Range Temperature 0 39 Information Information non condensing Number Photoelectric Smoke Surface Mount Base Red LED Ceiling Mount Remote Multi Color LED Wall Mount Red LED Wall Mount Remote Multi Color LED Ceiling Module Adapter for PE 11 to DB 3 Base Detector Locking Kit Maintenance Kit Canada Please Order Photoelectric Smoke Surface Mount Base clamp terminals for easy wiring The base has an concealed locking device to prevent unauthorized removal PE 11 is capable of operating both a remote lamp and relay or audible base when used with a PXL or MXL control panel other panels will allow one accessory detector The RSA 11 Remote Sensitivity and Alarm duplicates the multi color LED of the detector at a location to indicate normal operation green or out of sensitivity amber or alarm red for located in out of the way places such as duct under computer room floors or above sus ceilings The RL 11 is simply a remote red LED to an alarm condition of a detector RR 11 is a relay module that may be added to the DB base for use as a relay base The RR 11 incorporates a pole double throw relay to allow detector control doors or other equipment where this control is The ADB 11 is an adapter that transforms the into an audible base where local annunciation from individual detector is desired installations where the need to use a PE 11 in an Cerberus Pyrotronics DB 3S base is desired a adapter will allow for that installation The DB twists into the DB 3S and the PE 11 twists into the just as it does into the DB 11 base PE 11 and all of the above listed accessories are UL ULC listed and approved by CSFM and NYMEA and local boards where applicable Data Data PE 11 is fully compatible with other Cerberus Pyrotron low voltage detectors and may be intermixed on the conventional zone circuit The PE 11 is applicable to 30 foot spacing 900 sq ft as referred to in the Fire Protection Standard 72 This detector spac however is based on ideal conditions and should be only as a guide in planning detector layout Do not detectors close to ventilation or air conditioning that may move smoke away from the detector joists or ceiling beams may also effect safe of smoke detectors It is mandatory that judgement be applied regarding detector and spacing and Engineer Specifications and Engineer Specifications photoelectric smoke detector shall be a plug in unit mounts to a twist lock base and shall be UL listed smoke detector shall operate on a two wire circuit and contain a multi color LED indicator indicating the is operational by flashing green trouble by amber and alarm by flashing red The detector be continually self testing with visual operation and not require additional hardware or contact the detector for testing purposes detector shall allow for easy cleaning or replacement screens and or chamber components without affecting Diagram Diagram Do not use looped wire under base terminal 5 Break wire run to supervision of connection When a remote relay is used to control a critical system function the and its associated detector and optional module s must be the devices on the initiating circuit Detector Mounted in DB 11 Base Detector Mounted in DB 11 Base Pyrotronics Ridgedale Avenue Knolls NJ 07927 973 267 1300 973 397 7008 www cerbpyro com in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1997 sheet dated 5 97

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