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PE 3 and PE 3T Smoke Detectors AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS Advanced Photo Chamber Design High Immunity Against Dust Resistant to Condensation and Other Alarm Causing Conditions Field Cleanable Photo Chamber Detector Alarm Verification Listed ULC Listed FM CSFM and City of Chicago Cerberus Pyrotronics PE 3 Series Photoelectric Smoke operates on the light scattering principle The photo chamber because of its advanced design highly immune to false and nuisance alarm causing such as dust and condensation The detector is with a field cleanable photo chamber The PE 3 Detector provides an excellent response to a broad of both flaming and smoldering fire conditions PE 3 has been developed for use in a wide range of industrial institutional and residential applica PE 3 Series meets the requirements of the Act PE 3 Series contains a light emitting diode LED and a sensing photodiode arranged in a pattern so that normal conditions the light emitted by the LED does reach the photodiode When smoke enters the photo light emitted from the LED is scattered by the particles and received by the photodiode The signal produced by the photodiode is amplified the detector circuitry and compared to a preset alarm level When the electrical signal is greater than preset threshold the detector verifies the alarm condi and then locks into alarm The PE 3 Series must be at the control panel PE 3 Series electrical sensitivity is set at the factory and be monitored in the field by using the Cerberus Model TM PE3 Sensitivity Test Module The test jack is accessible from the front of the housing enabling the user to perform sensitivity without removing the detector from its base PE 3 Series is easily cleaned by removing the detector the base removing the detector cover and then the cover The chamber should be cleaned with a or soft cloth and then blown clean optional 135 57 Thermal Sensor is available with Model PE 3T When the optional Thermal Sensor is an alarm condition will be initiated when the around the Thermal Sensor reaches 135 At this point the Thermal Contacts close and the locks into alarm PE 3 utilizes the low profile surface mounting base DB 3S which may be attached to either a 4 octago 4 square wiring box or single gang outlet box or the base Model ADB 3 which must be attached to a 4 deep wiring box Both the DB 3S and the ADB 3 screw clamp terminals for all electrical connections contacts for reliability and contain a provision for optional concealed locking mechanism to prevent removal of the detector head NUMBER is possible to connect either one remote lamp or a relay Model RR 3 3S or an audible base Model if required detector or group of detectors shall require a two wire of 18 AWG thermoplastic fixture wire enclosed in or 18 AWG limited energy shielded cable without if permitted by local building codes All wiring shall approved for fire alarm use and in compliance with and local codes required the Smoke Detector shall contain a 135 temperature self restoring heat sensor Actuation of device shall activate and lock in the detector alarm detector shall be Cerberus Pyrotronics Model PE 3 or PE 3T with a DB 3S surface mounting base or ADB 3 base Specifications Requirements Normal 100ua max 135mA max Range min 27V max Temperature 0 to 100 UL standard Wt Smoke Detector Smoke Detector with Thermal Sensor Profile Surface Mount Base Trim Ring for Base 5 3 Audible Base Relay or RLI 2 Lamp LED or RL 40 Remote Lamp Incandescent Kit for DB 3S and ADB 3 5 Test Module 45 45 45 22 45 45 45 45 22 45 PE 3 is capable of operating a remote alarm lamp or relay Model RR 3 3S The Model RR 3 3S relay one set of double pole double throw contacts at 120V AC 2 amp resistive and requires a 4 square box when mounted to the DB 3S base A finish trim Model RA ADB is available when mounting a DB 3S onto a 4 square box the RR 3 3S is used and the control function is no more than one PE 3 should be installed in a circuit or zone and no other initiating devices be installed in the same circuit or zone An excep to this rule would be an application where a number of relays were used each of which was connected to same critical control function the ADB 3 is used the System 3 will guarantee that audible base per zone will go into alarm PE 3 is Underwriter Laboratories Inc listed Data PE 3 Series is fully compatible with other Cerberus low voltage detectors and may be intermixed the same zone circuit An unlimited number of thermal or stations may be used or added to one circuit PE 3 Series is applicable to the 30 foot spacing 900 ft as referred to in National Fire Protection Association 72 This spacing however is based on ideal namely smooth ceiling no air movement and no obstructions between the fire source and the This spacing should be used as a guide or point in detector installation layout Do not mount in areas close to ventilating or air conditioning Exposed joists or beamed ceilings may also affect spacing limitations for detectors It is mandatory that judgment be applied regarding detector and spacing and photoelectric smoke detector shall be a plug in unit mounts to a twist lock base and shall be UL listed smoke detector shall operate on a two wire circuit and contain an LED indicator which illuminates to signal actuation shall be possible to electronically check the detector Test methods which do not provide an analog shall not be considered equal detector shall be easily cleaned by removing the cover photo chamber base assembly into which the detector is installed shall of the twist lock design with screw clamp terminals The shall be directly interchangeable with other compat plug in detectors A security lock shall be installed in areas where tamper resistant installation is required indicated in the drawings relative humidity Wiring Do not use looped wire under terminal 5 Break wire run to provide supervision of o n n e c t i o n to listed accessory which can be a lamp remote relay and or an audible base the appropriate Installation Instruction for the and compatibility of the detector to control equipment and accessories The Model PE 3 3T is rated 16 27 VDC 3 volt peak to peak ripple Supervisory 100 maximum steady 500 peak surge upon of power maximum current pulse 250 for 1 every 7 seconds and 135mA alarm Information Data The using of other than Cerberus Pyrotronics detectors and bases with Pyrotronics control equipment will be considered a misapplication of Cerberus equipment and as such void all warranties either expressed or implied with to loss damage liabilities and or service problems Pyrotronics Ridgedale Ave Knolls NJ 07927 201 267 1300 201 397 7008 in U S A Pyrotronics East Pearce Street Hill Ontario 1B7 CN 905 764 8384 905 731 9182 1997 sheet dated 6 95

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