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RCM 1 Audio Riser Control Module Audio Riser Control Module AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS LifeLINK MXLV Global Network Voice Peer to Peer Paging Capability Multiple Unique Page Command Centers Style 4 or Style 7 Inter Panel Audio Audio Signal Repeater Copper Fiber Optic or Combination Audio Communication Campus Paging and Evacuation Listed RCM 1 adds the capability of inter panel paging or to peer paging to MXL LifeLINK networks MXLV are designed to provide full stand alone life safety voice evacuation and paging capability the adds the ability to send a live voice paging an to any or all other MXLV stand alone systems are connected as part of the LifeLINK network The provides a page riser that connects MXLV together and operates in various configurations meet an almost unlimited number of combinations of audio communication requirements RCM 1 is designed for applications that call for live paging between buildings such as are required for industrial facilities and other multiple building These applications typically call for independent alone life safety systems with live voice paging both each individual building and between buildings in combination RCM 1 also provides the option within a single or multi application of multiple unique command consoles subset command consoles for paging system control RCM 1 plugs into a full OMM 1 or OMM 2 cardcage and communicates directly with the MXLV system via logic The RCM 1 provides control and supervision of page risers in MXL Voice networks The audio path between RCM modules will support use of twisted pair copper wire or fiber optic cable or a of copper and fiber optic cable The communi path between RCM modules can be configured to the requirements of either Style 4 or Style 7 for full bi live voice paging or Style 4 one direction live paging All communication paths are fully supervised circuit isolation is provided between RCM modules an added level of system performance this is particu important for campus paging systems a LifeLINK network voice system using RCM 1 each MXLV control panel can be programmed to inter panel paging Panel 1 can send a live voice to any zone or group of zones on Panel 2 and vice The ability to transfer the control between paging consoles is also programmable This allows paging command consoles to be installed with the to indicate which command console has control and ability to or access to gain of the paging command console the event of a network failure of any type each individual systems still maintains the ability to control the voice system locally In all cases whether a system failure occurred or not the individual MXLV local system always has the highest priority in the system NUMBER Mode of Operation Mode of Operation RCM 1 operation can best be described as operating in three possible modes Local Mode Global Mode 1 and Mode 2 Please refer to the diagram below Mode Mode A cid 213 D D from the local MXL ACM TBM will switched to the local speaker zones The Global audio riser will be to Port C the Style 4 output riser Mode 1 Mode 1 The audio output from the local MXL is B cid 213 C C B cid 213 D D The audio from the global is connected to the local speaker and to Port C Style 4 output riser Mode 2 Mode 2 The audio from the local system is con A cid 213 B B to both the local speaker outputs A cid 213 C C the global risers A cid 213 D D Diagram Diagram Information Information Current Voltage to RCM equipment is approved for operation over the tempera range of 0 and 49 C 24VDC V RMS Module Terminal Description Diagram Module Terminal Description Diagram Note This diagram should not be used to wire and install the RCM 1 module refer to the RCM 1 Installation Instructions 315 093878 Information Information Number The use of other than Cerberus Pyrotronics detectors and bases with Cerberus Pyrotronics equipment will be considered a misapplication of Cerberus equipment and as such void all warranties either expressed or implied with regards to loss damage liabilities and or service problems 1997

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