Siemens APOGEE Software Lifecycle, Brochure

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s Building Technologies Inc provides systems that meet today latest technology our full commitment to customer satisfaction We are highly committed to protecting investments in our products by ensuring that the APOGEE technology purchased will be supported for many years The software components within our system are updated to keep up with the latest technology and our customers are to keep their software up to date System software products includes Desigo CC Insight and InfoCenter software cycles for these software products are categorized into 3 phases Support Tech Support is available Service releases as required Compatibility testing for Microsoft updates Desigo CC only Supported Tech Support is available Service releases as required Desigo CC only No new features introduced Tech Support available at an hourly rate No service releases or patches No new features tables below indicate the planned support phase for each Version Revision of software Desigo CC Insight and InfoCenter software CC Release Oct 2017 Sep 2015 Apr 2014 and earlier Support and earlier Revision 3.15 is the last Insight revision Support and earlier Revision 1.7 is last planned revision Support 2017 Support Supported Support Supported Support Supported

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