Siemens Din Rail for FHB2001-U1 FHB2001-R1 and FHB2002-U1 FHB2002-R1 Backboxes, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions FHA2031 U1 Rail for FHB2001 U1 R1 and FHB2002 U1 R1 Backboxes Model FHA2031 U1 S54400 B44 A1 from Siemens Industry Inc is an optional Rail Assembly used to land heavy field wiring for network RS485 and dialer to FHB2001 or FHB2002 backboxes and then interconnect them to the module FHA2032 U1 is for indoor use only in dry environments all system power before installation first battery then AC To power up the AC first then the battery Din Rail Assembly includes the following parts din rail connectors snap onto the din rail and then can be slid into the desired on the rail Up to three connectors will fit on a single rail the din rail on the two studs in the upper left corner of the backbox as in Figure 1 and secure it in place with the two 10 32 hex nuts RAIL BACKBOX HEX NUTS 1 the Din Rail A6V10334278 a en Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di field wiring for network RS485 or dialer modules into the backbox a knockout in the upper left hand corner of the backbox the wiring on a connector as shown in the individual module wiring Refer to Figure 2 a four position plug into the connector Wire it to the network RS485 dialer module as shown in the individual module wiring instructions with 22 AWG stranded wire OR FHB2002 RAIL RAIL 2 to the Din Rail Connectors Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Limited Technologies Division Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada A6V10334278 a en

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