Siemens EL-31 End of Line Device, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions EL 31 of Line Device EL 31 end of line device from Siemens Technologies Inc allows the user to have specific place to affix the end of line device The also satisfies ULC S524 requirements for of line components all system power before installation the battery and then the AC Use a standard 3 1 2 inch deep single gang switchbox user supplied Connect the appropriate wires Refer to Figure 1 the installation instructions of the modules the CP 35 Installation Instructions P N 315 for specific wiring requirements Press the EL 31 into the electrical box and dress wiring as required Fasten the module plate to box as shown in Figure 2 Safety 1 2W 140 112166 1 the EL 31 NOT REAR SUPPLIED 2 the EL 31 Building Technologies Inc Fernwood Road Park New Jersey 07932 315 021296 1 Building Technologies Ltd Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada

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