Siemens FHD2009-U1 R1 Black Red Blank Plate, Installation Instructions

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INSTRUCTIONS FHD2009 Blank Plate Model FHD2009 black or FHD2009 red blank plate from Siemens Industry Inc is used in Desigo FV2025 2050 and Cerberus PRO FV922 924 systems to cover the window opening in the Fire Voice Control Panel outer door when it is not necessary to have external visibility into panel interior through the closed outer door The FHD2009 enclosure cover is designed for indoor use only in dry protected The or extension to the Desigo and Cerberus PRO part numbers identifies the paint and sales channel through which the part is marketed A in the extension designates that part is painted black an designates that the part is painted red to meet local code The numeral following the color designation identifies the sales channels for the part as follows illustrated in Figure 1 the FHD2009 blank plate is mounted on the FHD2007 outer door using 10 32 hex nuts supplied with the plate 1 All channels 2 Desigo 3 Cerberus PRO OUTER BLANK HEX NUT PLS 1 the FHD2009 Blank Plate in the FHD2007 Outer Door Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Mount the blank plate against the inside surface of the outer door so that the mounting studs through the holes in the plate Secure the blank plate in place using eight 10 32 hex nuts supplied with the plate FHD2009 blank plate can be used with the FHD2007 U2 U3 and FHD2007 R2 R3 outer WITH PART 8 10 32 self locking hex nuts dimensions W x 10.30 H lbs GA 060 1008 or 1010 cold rolled steel phosphating treatment powder coating Black for FHD2009 U1 Red for FHD2009 R1 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Limited Document ID A6V10359792 en a Technologies Division P N A5Q00054387 Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada

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