Siemens RL-HC RL-HW Remote Lamp Ceiling Mount Remote Lamp Wall Mount, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions RL HC and RL HW Lamp Ceiling Mount Remote Lamp Wall Mount Models RL HC round plate and RL HW rectangular plate remote lamps from Industry Inc are compatible with models HFP 11 HFPT 11 OP921 OH921 OOH941 OOHC941 FDO421 FDOT421 FDT421 FDOOT441 and FDOOTC441 The red LED on the RL HC or RL HW lights when its associated detector into alarm remote lamp may be placed up to 25 feet away from the detector using 14 18 wire a single gang switch box user supplied for mounting the RL HW Use a inch octagonal conduit box user supplied for mounting the RL HC Make to the RLH as shown in Figure 1 RL HC RL HW TB2 and TB3 are polarity insensitive TB2 is connected to 5 TB3 should be to Detector 6 if TB2 is con to Detector 6 TB3 be connected to 5 1 insensitive wiring DETECTOR 5 OR 6 DETECTOR 1a DETECTOR 6 OR 5 DETECTOR 5 DETECTOR 1a DETECTOR 1b 2 X wiring Isolator mode applicable to HFP 11 and HFPT 11 detectors 315 033230 AE Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc Infrastruct Infrastruct Infrastructureureureureure Infrastruct Infrastruct SECURITY DISCLAIMER provides a portfolio of products solutions systems and that includes security functions that support the secure of plants systems machines and networks In the field of Technologies this includes building automation and control safety security management as well as physical security systems order to protect plants systems machines and networks against threats it is necessary to implement and continuously a holistic state of the art security concept Siemens only forms one element of such a concept are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your systems machines and networks which should only be to an enterprise network or the internet if and to the such a connection is necessary and only when appropriate measures e g firewalls and or network segmentation are place Additionally Siemens guidance on appropriate security should be taken into account For additional information contact your Siemens sales representative or visit https portfolio undergoes continuous development to make it secure Siemens strongly recommends that updates are as soon as they are available and that the latest versions are Use of versions that are no longer supported and failure to the latest updates may increase your exposure to cyber Siemens strongly recommends to comply with security on the latest security threats patches and other related published among others under Industry Inc Infrastructure Park NJ Canada Ltd North Service Road East Ontario 0H6 Canada 315 033230 AE ID A6V10233192

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