Siemens RR-35 RRS Remote Reset Module and Remote Reset Station, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions RR 35 and RRS Reset Module and Remote Reset Station use with System 3 1 Model RR 35 Remote Reset module from Siemens Inc allows a System 3 alarm condition to be to Standby from a remote location An alarm can also be reset by using the CP 35 Control RESET switch 3 uses a BC 35 battery backup configuration the interconnecting cable P N 600 191771 that is See Figure 2 Model RRS Remote Reset station includes a single gang plate and a normally closed operated spring return reset switch AND WIRING the Connection Diagram Figure 1 and 2 to install and wire the RR 35 RRS into a 3 configuration to System 3 Wiring Information Field of Modules P N 315 085178 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 091469 7 Canada Limited Technologies Division Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada 2 315 091469 7

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