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Simple migration for maximum protection your trusted Life Safety Partner we can build right migration strategy for your building want to help you plan for the end of life of your MXL system It part of our to make sure you have the right technology to protect your people and Siemens has sold and supported the MXL since 1992 and the panel was for phase out in 2013 Building a migration plan will help your business the costs associated with downtime and maintenance fees Phase Out Important Dates out panel yr service period MXL system parts components ends possible order of MXL detectors detectors yr service period MXL detectors services ends a phased approach to make migration simple your MXL system to our latest Siemens technology and you will have a system fit for the future with new features as improved isolation survivability and the latest UL ULC compliance By migrating you are capitalizing on your previous with a 75 savings versus a full system replacement Upgrade to Innovative Panels existing assets and devices and migrate to new advanced technologies Fire Safety Modular Intelligent fire detection for large or complex applications new modular system is a modern version of FireFinder XLS that is customizable allowing you build a cost effective system The system offers the latest Siemens innovations including New XDLC Field Device Loop Card the gateway to future system expansion and to selectively optionally integrate new state of the art features and meet all regulatory requirements New Operator Interface which offers a custom full color LED user display Class X DCLC Isolation I O Modules featuring improved performance and reduced power consumption 8 channel audio system that supports 300 digital messages exceeding government and Notification Systems MNS specifications The PAD 5 4 zone extendable addressable NAC power supply which offers expanded flexibility designing multi floor systems in addition to features like isolator device capability and boost technology Replacement and Expansion of Phased Out Detectors Sure Your System is Fit for the Future on advanced detection False Alarm Guarantee and 520 Hz sounder bases detector Your FP 11 detectors do not need to be upgraded and will continue to meet codes and standards there is a migration path for when you are ready for expansion Migration provides options to incorporate new innovative features such as built in Isolation frequency sounders 520 HZ CO detection and PAD 5 power supply with a host of new just to mention a few Your system will be ready for a renewed longer life We are continuing to innovate our detection portfolio to meet the latest UL268 7th edition standards planned for May 2020 Your current detectors do not need to be replaced to meet this However there will be new detectors available for your future expansion that meet UL268 standards Please note that the new requirements from the UL268 7th edition are currently relevant to the Canadian market Simple to Sophisticated for Facilities of all Sizes customizable Desigo Fire Safety Modular system can be updated to meet your needs now or in the future Migration FAQs I already migrating to XLS do I need to migrate to Modular the Desigo Fire Safety Modular is a modern version of FireFinder XLS and the new system will be backward compatible with your system MXL system is working normally today Is there anything I should be worried about proper proactive migration planning you will be able to budget and plan without reactive additional costs Even though system is running smoothly today if any failures occur due to for example water damage lightning strike and component failure repair replacement costs will be dramatically higher than if the system is migrated to new technology that is available and in the future an MXL Line Card MLC be used to migrate an MXL to Modular MLC will communicate with the new Desigo Fire Safety Modular system If you add an additional loop you can leverage new XDLC detectors if any will be compatible with the MXL After May 29 2020 no new FP 11 detectors can be manufactured Any existing or previously manufactured UL ULC labeled MXL made before May 29 2020 can be used going forward for new expansion retrofits or replacements MXL detectors can be stockpiled at the Customer Site or Sales Outlet and used going forward All previously made detectors are not to be replaced The Desigo detectors are NOT direct replacements for the FP 11 MXL detectors not residing on an MLC This is the same situation today as the new detector line is not compatible with MXL MLC The best solution going forward is the MXL XLS migrated panel using a XDLC separate new loop which will be compatible with the detectors this can coexist with MXL MLC on the migrated Desigo Fire Safety Modular panel support of the other MXL devices such as TRIs continue to 2023 as previously noted it possible to transfer service between partners or branches our Siemens Customer Choice program customers are able to switch service provider system or purchase end user licenses to meet their needs A system transfer process will take place between the partners and or branches a Complex MXL system with voice be migrated Systems are different and should be handled on a case by case basis Siemens has a comprehensive voice migration toolbox of please consult our Applications Group for guidance on the best approach Industry Inc Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 USA 973 593 2600 973 593 6670 rights reserved Printed in USA 153 SBT 529 03 20 Siemens Industry Inc more information contact your Field Office today

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