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The Ingenuity Center Siemens industry leading expertise meets a customer experience your building technologies infrastructure is a complex responsibility new systems or updating old ones often brings with it a host of questions How will we integrate with existing systems How intuitive is the experience on our new software How will this all work in the real word answers get confidence Ingenuity Center at Siemens is your place for answers Located at our campus in suburban Chicago the Ingenuity Center brings together experts from across our entire portfolio and hands on demonstrations our newest and most popular technologies It the place where your questions addressed face to face and through hands on experience visit to the Ingenuity Center is tailored specifically to our customer specific You and your team will meet with Siemens representatives experienced in specific industry to discuss how technologies are impacting your market managers are available to discuss specific technical details or talk about today changes will affect tomorrow Our 15 foot touchscreen wall and displays provide the setting for detailed demos and interactive sessions show you how you can create the perfect place for your organization Ingenuity Center offers an ideal setting expert presentations and demonstrations immersive experience to your needs your solution today no substitute for experience At the Center you view demos on our touchscreen wall to learn about the capabilities of Siemens Intelligent Solutions including Desigo CC command and control APOGEE building automation Siveillance Video Management System SiPass Integrated System access control Desigo CC Mass Notification System Integrated Fire Management System Total Room Automation also have access to interactive of our Navigator energy platform and our Fault and Diagnostics FDD technology sessions can be tailored to your specific needs your perfect place Ingenuity Center is the perfect place learn first hand from industry thought and practitioners For your visit we Siemens subject matter experts both technical knowledge and a deep of your business and markets answer your questions provide new and help show you how you can your perfect place Industry Inc Technologies Division Deerfield Parkway Grove IL 60089 847 215 1000 Siemens Industry Inc 2017

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