Siemens Thermal Fire Detectors Explosion Proof Models, Data Sheet

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s Sheet Safety Security Products Detection Devices Fire Detectors Devices AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Detect A Fire Models Explosion proof of temperature settings Models available in Normally Open N O and Normally Closed N C contacts in a wide Self restoring detector element Factory set and hermetically sealed in a stainless steel shell UL ULC Listed FM Approved as Fenwal Model Series 27120 and 27121 Manufactured for Siemens Fire Safety by Fenwal Protection Systems Overview explosion proof detectors which are rate are designed for use with Siemens Fire detection devices Moreover the detector element in device is self restoring after operation Detect A Fire explosion proof detector can be with N C contacts at 140 60 160 190 87.8 225 107.2 275 135 163 360 182.2 or 450 232 settings Detect A Fire explosion proof detector can also be with N O contacts at 140 60 160 190 87.8 275 135 325 163 182.2 450 232 600 316 or 725 settings Each detector is only explosion proof when mounted in an listed explosion proof junction box detectors are widely industry accepted since is designed with temperature rate compensation product feature provides a distinctive advantage over standard fixed temperature and rate of rise types of only the Detect A Fire detector accurately the surrounding air temperature regardless of the rate At precisely the pre determined danger the system is immediately activated secret of the Detect A Fire sensitivity lies within its For instance the outer shell is made of a rapidly alloy which closely follows changes in air temperature Industry Inc Technologies Division inner struts are made of a lower expanding alloy to resist thermal energy absorption and sealed the shell the struts will thus follow temperature more slowly slower rate fire will heat the shell and struts together At point each device will trigger actuating the alarm releasing the extinguishant transient rush of warm air up to 40 4.4 min may the shell but any expansion will not be enough to the device In ignoring transient warm air the Detect A Fire device virtually eliminates alarms common with rate of rise devices a fast rate fire ignites the shell will then expand rapidly the struts will close thus actuating the alarm or the agent the faster the fire rate of growth the the alarm will trigger Series Normally Closed Series Open Rating Only Amps 125VAC Amp 125VDC Amps 125VAC Amp 125VDC Amps 24VDC Amp 48VDC Thermal Fire Detectors 6128 explosion proof thermal fire detector shall be a explosion proof model Fenwal also for purchasing purposes referred as Siemens Fire Safety and shall of rate compensated temperature type explosion proof detector shall have a self element and shall be factory set and sealed in stainless steel These shall be mounted in an agency explosion proof junction box explosion proof models attach to the hub cover of agency listed approved junction boxes such as Killark UL or equal the models should not be in outdoor or other wet locations Table Tolerance Chart denotes Normally Closed N C contact detectors do not operate with any Siemens Fire Safety fire detection devices The N C contact detectors are offered for special applications only Devices have a stainless steel sensing shell and a brass mounting head Diagram for Ordering Refer to the chart above When placing a purchase order please refer to the Siemens Fire Safety Model Number The format of the Model Number is DT the temperature desired EP For example if ordering a N O 140 detector is desired Model Number DT 140EP The Siemens Fire Safety Model Numbers DT 140EP DT 190EP both N O are stocked items other models are by special order Contact Siemens Fire Safety Customer Service for further assistance Shipping weight for these items is 1 Lb 454g This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www usa Siemens com Fire in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2013 sheet dated 8 12 2 Industry Inc Technologies Division

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