Siemens X204-2 Series SCALANCE Ethernet Fiber Switches, Data sheet

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s Sheet Safety Products Accessories and Single Mode Ethernet Fiber Switch SCALANCE X204 2 and SCALANCE X204 2LD AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Used for fiber optic communications with Siemens Stations and FireFinder XLS V systems Virtual Network Tunnel VNT is the source in fiber optic for FireFinder XLS V Single mode Ethernet Fiber Switches are only for use with VNTs Supervision to Siemens Management Stations and FireFinder via the Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP Class X Style 7 ring configuration or B Style 4 wiring configurations VNT Style 7 only Four 4 Ethernet IP ports Two 2 sets of fiber ports Four connections total Two connections in out per port 4 wiring configuration Four 4 pin plug in terminal blocks for primary power UL Listed as a System Control Unit Accessory Overview SCALANCE X204 2 of Ethernet Fiber from Siemens Fire Safety are used to a X Style 7 ring configuration or B between panels FACPs and the system equipped within a campus that contain a Siemens network the Multi Mode Switch is Model SCALANCE X204 2 the Single Mode Switch is Model SCALANCE X204 2LD required monitoring ring configuration of FACPs on the network are monitored Style 7 and Style 4 Specifically the Style 7 will automatically condition if the fault is corrected ring failure is immediately reported via the Network Management Protocol SNMP The Single Mode Ethernet Fiber Switch Model X204 2LD has only been tested for with the Virtual Network Tunnel VNT Industry Inc Technologies Division Series Ethernet fiber switch which obtains its power from a 24 Volt UL Listed power provides connectors for the fiber cable well as four 4 RJ45 100Base T ports and Humidity Range Ethernet Fiber Switches are UL 864 9th Listed for indoor dry locations within a range of 120 3 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity of 93 at a temperature of 90 3 32 2 Documentation Sheet Number CC CC Network Tunnel DMS NAC Extender NAC Extender Fiber Switches 3360 Electrical Ratings Voltage Current regulated 24VDC All connections are supervised and power limited otherwise stated primary power output the multi mode or Ethernet fiber switch may only be to one 1 Siemens Fire Safety Power Charger Model PSC 12 Data X204 Switch W x H x D x 4.9 x 4.3 cm x 12.4 cm x 11 cm for Ordering Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Technologies Division Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www USA Siemens com Fire Safety North Service Road Oakville Ontario 0H6 Canada 905 465 8000 www Siemens CA in U S A 2016 sheet dated 11 2014 1

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