Siemens XLS-MME3(R)-ADPT Adapter Kit, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions XLS MME3 R ADPT Kit the Model XLS MME3 R ADPT Adapter Kit from Siemens Industry Inc to existing MXL Systems installed in Model MME 3 R or MBR 2 R backboxes FireFinder XLS Desigo Fire Safety Modular Cerberus PRO Modular Systems XLS MME3 R ADPT Adapter Kit consists of an adapter plate inner door and door The XLS MME3 ADPT S54430 C8 A1 inner and outer doors are black XLS MME3R ADPT S54430 C8 A2 inner door is black and outer door is red The and the XLS MME3R ADPT are identical in all other ways and will referred to in the remainder of this document as XLS MME3 ADPT adapter plate installs over the existing studs in an MME 3 R or MBR 2 R with 1 4 x 20 hex flange nuts supplied and provides eight studs on which mount two CAB MP mounting plates P N 500 633012 and four studs on which to one PTB power termination board P N 500 033390 outer door consists of the door frame and two removable panels Each remov panel is secured to the door with 10 32 nuts The removable panels may be OD LP blank OD BP R or vented OD GP R depending on the application OD BP R and OD GP R panels are red The outer door is attached to the backbox hinge pins and secured to the backbox by a keyed latch inner door has two openings in it for the installation of an operator interface and modules There are eight threaded studs around each opening on the inner These threaded studs allow equipment installation on the door The equipment secured by 10 32 nuts The inner door is permanently hinged right is attached to backbox by screws and is secured to the backbox by swell action latches XLS MME3 R ADPT is for indoor use only in dry environments this conversion the maximum battery set that can be used in the backbox is 33 model BTX 1 If larger batteries are required use either a BB 55 or CAB BATT box converting an MXL to an XLS Desigo Fire Safety Modular Cerberus PRO system it may be necessary to use the XLS EXT CABLE PKG S54430 K1 This kit includes a 58 inch 60 pin Data Bus cable a 58 inch 6 pin CAN Bus cable a 20 inch 12AWG ground wire convert an MME 3 R or MBR 2 R backbox from an MXL System to an XLS Fire Safety Modular Cerberus PRO Modular component system you must disassemble the MXL and then assemble the XLS Desigo Fire Safety Modular PRO Modular This two part procedure is described in detail on page 2 Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di OF MXL SYSTEM all system power first battery and then AC and discard the outer door and the hardware used to secure it in Disconnect and remove the modules from the inner door all modules from the backbox making sure to mark all wires the MPS power supply and batteries from the backbox Save the hardware for later use OF XLS DESIGO FIRE SAFETY MODULAR CERBERUS PRO MODULAR SYSTEM three parts of the XLS MME3 ADPT are installed separately The adapter plate is first followed by the inner door and then the outer door Plate XLS MME3 ADPT adapter plate has holes in it that fit over the studs in the or MBR 2 backbox in only one way the XLS MME3 ADPT over the studs in the backbox and secure it in with the six 1 4 x 20 hex flange locknuts supplied in the locations shown in Figure 1 PLATE OR MBR 2 LUG LUG IS FOR THE INPUT GROUND BEFORE THE PTB INSTALLING PTB BE SURE REINSTALL THE LUG 1 the XLS MME3 ADPT Adapter Plate in the MME 3 or MBR 2 Backbox Industry Inc Technologies Division CAB MPs can be mounted on the XLS MME3 ADPT using the studs in Figure 1 There is also room in the bottom of the enclosure two PTBs and a battery set of up to 15 AH capacity the required CC 5 CC 2 system cardcage s PSC 12 power supply PSX 12 power supply extender and PTB power termination board careful consideration of NEC Article 760 for separation of power and non powered limited wiring Use the hardware provided with modules to mount them to the CAB MP mounting plate Refer to the Installation Instructions P N 315 033035 the PSC 12 Installation P N 315 033060 and the PSX 12 Installation Instructions P N is room on the bottom right of the XLS MME3 ADPT to mount one on the studs marked and in Figure 1 Refer to the PTB Installa Instructions P N 315 034877 The stud marked is a lug for ground the AC input Remove the ground lug before mounting the PTB After the PTB be sure to reinstall the ground lug is room in the bottom of the enclosure for a battery set of up to 33 AH cards can be installed in the CC 5 CC 2 cardcage s as required two of the five 8 32x5 16 screws provided in the top and bottom on the right hand side of the backbox the screws just a few turns leaving a 1 8 inch gap between the of the screws and the backbox the inner door into position under the screws OR MBR 2 the Inner Door the inner door by following the steps listed below OR MBR 2 5 OF 2 the Inner Door Industry Inc Technologies Division Make certain the flange at the left hand top of the inner door is seated in slot in the backbox and the swell action latches located near the top and of the inner door are seated in their respective holes in the backbox to Figure 2 Press the latches down to secure them in place adjust the door as needed so that it seats securely in the enclosure the remaining three screws in the three holes on the right side of the to secure the inner door Tighten all five of the screws a FCM2041 U2 U3 on the inner door Refer to the PMI Installation P N 315 033070 the FCM2041 U2 Installation Instructions ID A6V11231623 or the FCM2041 U3 Installation Instructions ID A6V11231630 for further information door mounted modules FCM 6 LCM 8 SCM 8 as needed for operation blank plates as needed in unused spaces on door and secure with nuts Refer to Table 1 and Figure 3 LVM and FMT one module width each mount to the inner door No other PSC 12 PSX 12 CC 5 CC 2 may be located behind these modules OF DOOR 3 Door and Plates Industry Inc Technologies Division the Outer Door the hinge pins on the outer door in the hinges on the backbox clear blank or vented removable panel s as required and secure 10 32 nuts Refer to Table 2 and Figure 4 the XLS system label P N 575 234411 Desigo Fire Safety Modular label P N A5Q00075144 or Cerberus PRO Modular system label P A5Q00075194 on the inside of the outer door DOOR 4 Door and Plates

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