Siemens ZIC-2C 2 Channel Audio Enhancement Card, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions ZIC 2C Channel Audio Enhancement Card for the ZIC 8B Model ZIC 2C from Siemens Industry Inc adds for 2 channel audio to the ZIC 8B card The replaces the signal routing board that is on the ZIC 8B in the factory The ZIC 2C in the same location as the signal routing and utilizes the same mounting hardware Three pin headers and one 20 pin header are also reused the ZIC 2C 1 Two Channel Audio Card all system power before installation first battery then AC To power up the AC first then the battery the ZIC 8B is installed in the FireFinder XLS Desigo Fire Safety Modular PRO Modular card cage CC 5 CC 2 remove it now If you are a new ZIC 8B remove it from it carton the signal routing card from the ZIC 8B by removing the screws in two mounting standoffs and gently pulling the signal routing card out of connectors on the ZIC 8B Save the screws The two mounting stand should remain attached to the ZIC 8B Make sure that the three 8 pin headers and one 20 pin header between the and the signal routing card remain installed in J4 J5 J10 and J11 of ZIC 8B If these headers stayed with the signal routing card remove and re install them into the ZIC 8B Check that each header is com seated in the receptacles on the ZIC 8B Refer to Figure 2 Discard the signal routing card careful to align all of the headers and the mounting standoffs gently the ZIC 2C down until the headers and standoffs fully mate Check all of pins of the headers are inserted into the sockets on the ZIC 2C the ZIC 8B Secure the ZIC 2C by reusing the two screws from Step 2 the ZIC 8B into the card cage CC 5 CC 2 315 048671 3 Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di to the ZIC 8B installation instructions P N 315 048670 for wiring diagrams for channel audio applications RATINGS 2 ZIC 8B After Removing The Signal Routing Card 3 The ZIC 2C on the ZIC 8B Back Plane Current Per active output 0mA S1 in BP POWER position S1 in EXT POWER position Terminal 24V Current Per active output 0mA S1 in EXT POWER position S1 in BP POWER position Back Plane Current Standby Current 0mA 0mA security disclaimer products and solutions provide security functions to ensure the secure operation of building comfort fire safety management and physical security systems The security functions on these products and solutions are important of a comprehensive security concept is however necessary to implement and maintain a comprehensive state of the art security concept that is customized individual security needs Such a security concept may result in additional site specific preventive action to ensure the building comfort fire safety security management or physical security system for your site are operated in a manner These measures may include but are not limited to separating networks physically protecting system user awareness programs defense in depth etc additional information on building technology security and our offerings contact your Siemens sales or project We strongly recommend customers to follow our security advisories which provide information on the security threats patches and other mitigation measures http www siemens com cert en cert security advisories htm Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Ltd North Service Road East Ontario 0H6 Canada ID A6V10239144 315 048671 3

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