System Sensor 200 Series Smoke Detectors

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200 Series Low Profile Detectors System Sensor 200 Series intelligent plug in detectors with integral communication provide location for alarm communication and selective Sleek low profile design Analog communications Low standby current Rotary address switches Superior EMI protection Dual LEDs for 360 visibility Listings exact certification listings for each model please reference the agency Web site Series smoke detectors are intelligent addressable detectors point ID capability that enable each detector address to be set decade address switches to provide exact detector locations sensitivity of 200 Series detectors can be programmed using the panel software to suit the environment In addition detector is continually monitored and reported to the panel System Sensor 2251B photoelectric detector unique sensing chamber is engineered to sense smoke produced by wide range of combustion sources Dual electronic thermistors add fixed temperature thermal sensing on the 2251TB model 2251BR is a remote test capable detector for use with DNR W smoke detectors Acclimate 2251TMB photoelectric detector includes detection at 135 It uses advanced onboard software to the signals from the photo and thermal elements to create true multi criteria detector capable of rejecting nuisance sources still responding quickly to real fires Separate photo and thermal also allow the Acclimate detector to provide different to smoke or heat In addition the Acclimate detector can its sensitivity according to its environment 1251B ionization detector incorporates a unique single source design to respond quickly and dependably to a broad of fires the 5251B and 5251RB detectors use an innovative sensing circuit to produce 135 fixed and rate of rise detection in low profile packages The 5251H model fixed high temperature detection at 190 These thermal provide cost effective intelligent property protection in a of applications inches 51 mm inches 155 mm installed in B210LP base 4.1 inches 104 mm installed in B501 base 4.8 oz 136 g Photo Photo with Heat 5.2 oz 147 g Ion 5.4 oz 153 g 32 to 120 0 to 49 with Thermal 32 to 100 0 to 38 to 100 to 38 Temperature to 150 to 66 0 to 1,200 fpm 0 to 6.1 m sec with Thermal 0 to 4,000 fpm 0 to 20 m sec suitable for installation in ducts to 93 non condensing Temperature Setpoint 135 57 Detection 15 8.3 Temperature Heat 190 88 to 32 VDC peak 24 VDC one communication every 5 seconds with LED enabled with Thermal 300 24 VDC one communication every 5 seconds with LED enabled mA 24 VDC on LED also sold separately no T55 127 000 Series Intelligent Detector Specifications Specifications Weight Temperature Range Velocity Range Humidity Range Ratings Specifications Range Current max avg Current max Information No smoke detector smoke detector remote test for use with DNR W duct smoke smoke detector with thermal multi criteria smoke detector smoke detector temperature thermal detector thermal detector temperature thermal detector Flangeless mounting base Flangeless mounting base bulk pack Flanged mounting base Flanged mounting base bulk pack sounder base with B501BH series addressable sounder base base base Mounting Kit flanged Flange Ring for 6 Base Flange Ring for 6 Base Bulk Pack New Smaller Flange Ring for 6 Base LED annunciator test magnet test magnet removal tool T55 127 000 included for XR2B 5 to 15 ft removal head detector kit 10 pack detector kit 10 pack Tool Add for ULC listed product e g 2251BA The BCK 200B and WCK 200B are only applicable to the B210LP style mounting base and may only be used with 2251B and 1251B ionization smoke detectors Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 Fax 630 377 6495 specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com current product information including the latest version of this data sheet System Sensor 8 12

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