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AccessoriesConventional Smoke DetectorsSmokeDetection PRODUCTSfirealarmresources com Smoke Detection a New Level Ease Intelligence Instant Inspection These are the guiding principles System Sensor i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors Designed to take smoke detectors to a new level these principles translate directly significantly lower installation testing and maintenance costs Ease of its plug in design installing i3 is quick and simple Efficient wire and pre wiring capabilities slash installation time To complete installation simply Stop Drop Lock the head onto the base i3 Series offers intelligence through drift compensation and smoothing to reduce unnecessary maintenance calls And when a 2 wire i3 needs cleaning its remote maintenance signal lets you know Inspection and red LEDs make status indication more intuitive on the i3 detector And the i3 reader detector sensitivity measurement is precise and complete within Both features reduce inspection time to an instant put the i3 Series principles translate into lower installation testing and costs Series Smoke Detector Sounder fire deaths that occur no smoke detection and Benefits i3 Series now features a complete line of smoke detectors Standard Auxiliary Form C Relay and Isolated Thermal the choice is yours applications call for a standard detector Whether the installation an office building retail establishment hotel or residence the i3 installs easily reduces nuisance calls and dramatically reduces and scheduled maintenance costs the application require an audible output the i3 Series now offers and four wire sounder models Ideal for residential applications these generate an 85 dBA temporal 3 tone and can easily be synchronized the i3 reversing relay synchronization module Form C Relay controlling auxiliary functions such as elevator recall or door the i3 Series offers both two and four wire Form C relay models either with or without an integral sounder Thermal differentiate between a local and a general alarm the i3 line offers an thermal model Ideal for dormitories retirement facilities and lofts four wire model initiates a local alarm when smoke is detected and a alarm when the thermal sensor is activated Detector Placement to Install On every level of the home including basements In every bedroom a sleeping room Outside each separate dwelling unit sleeping area within 21 feet of any door If wall mounted not farther than 12 inches from the adjoining ceiling surface Do not install within 10 feet of a fixed cooking appliance Use a photoelectric ionization with a silencing button between 10 feet and 20 feet of a fixed appliance Where required by other governing laws codes or standards alarm location for multi level residence Refer to NFPA 72 and consult your AHJ for proper smoke detector and spacing based on the intended application Resources Center access the full document library for i3 and products visit the Document Center on will find brochures data sheets product engineering specs FAQs CAD application guides case studies more Center access training seminars and webinars for and other products visit Library access product training and other videos systemsensor com videos Series Smoke Detectors Sensor i3 series smoke detectors represent significant in conventional smoke detection The i3 family is on three principles installation ease intelligence and inspection Plug in detector line mounting base included Large wire entry port In line terminals with SEMS screws Mounts to octagonal and single gang back boxes back boxes or direct to wall or ceiling Stop Drop Lock attachment to base Removable detector cover and chamber Built in remote maintenance signaling Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms Simplified sensitivity measurement Wide angle dual color LED indication Loop testing via EZ Walk feature Built in test switch Series Detectors Standard i3 Detector Standard i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor and Sounder i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor and Form C Relay Standard i3 Detector Standard i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor and Sounder i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor and Form C Relay i3 Detector with Fixed 135 Thermal Sensor Sounder and Form C Relay i3 Detector with Isolated Thermal Sensor Sounder and Form C Relay Series Accessories Series Accessories Sensitivity Reader 2 Wire Loop Test Maintenance Module Reversing Relay Synchronization Module Removal Tool Retrofit Adapter Ring 2 Wire Loop Test Maintenance Module with and without cover Sensitivity Reader Series Smoke are compatible i4 Modules i4 Interface Module is compatible with System Sensor Series Smoke Detectors with thermal sensor and built in This allows for easy retrofitting a combination solution into existing i3 installations and delivers flexibility for new installations Series Interface Modules 2 wire interface and reversing relay module Compatible with 2WTA B 4 wire interface and reversing relay module Compatible with 4WTA B System Sensor Product specifications subject to change without notice SPBR25601 12 14Founded in 1984 System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire and life safety devices specializing in smoke detection carbon monoxide detection and notification technology System Sensor develops products for real world applications worldwide With sales service and manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas Europe and Asia System Sensor places a premium on research and development to provide the most reliable innovative and comprehensive line of products in the industry www systemsensor com i3firealarmresources com

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