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AccessoriesConventional Detectors and ModulesCO SmokeDetection PRODUCTSfirealarmresources com your sales RMR customer retention protecting your customers from fire and CO gas you know that there is a residential fire every 87 seconds 1 That makes your 10 times more likely to have a fire than a burglary 2 Tragically in 2011 were 2,520 residential fire deaths3 with 40 percent in homes with no smoke Another stunning statistic Less than half of the smoke detectors in homes with fires actually operated If these homes had system monitored smoke detectors installed many of these tragedies may been prevented residential danger carbon monoxide CO is an odorless and invisible that has the potential to threaten lives in nearly every home Each year more 60,000 people are accidentally poisoned by CO making it the leading of airborne poisoning in the U S even so only 15 percent of homes have CO detectors installed light of the data there is a clear need for reliable smoke and CO detection U S residences Nearly all of your customers are required to have smoke while more than 85 percent of states now mandate residential CO As a security dealer you are uniquely positioned to provide them with highest levels of smoke and CO protection available while increasing your RMR and customer retention fact it is now easier than ever i4 Series Combination CO Smoke Detector and Interface Module is the system connected combination solution for conventional fire and security That means less wire less labor and less devices on the wall or ceiling with 24 7 central station monitoring and the most reliable and accurate technologies it means the highest levels of protection available inside to learn all i4 has to offer your customers your business NFPA US Fire Problem 2009 Found at NFPA org United States Fire Administration NFPA Loss in the United States During 2011 Michael J Carter Jr Sept 2011 NFPA Alarms in US Home Fires Marty Ahrens Sept 2009 fire deaths that occur no smoke detection homes have CO detectors installed CO and together first low voltage combination CO and smoke detection system for applications the i4 solution includes a detector and a panel module that enables connection of multiple detectors to a using only 2 or 4 wires to each detector The module uses more 2 or 4 wires The i4 Module is also compatible with i3 Series Smoke with thermal sensors and built in sounders the event of a smoke or CO event all the detector sounders on the will be activated This means when one device sounds they all in either Temp 3 for smoke or Temp 4 for CO events The Module will also send the appropriate signal to the panel providing the with the highest levels of protection including 24 7 central monitoring CO and Smoke codes and requirements a single device a combination smoke and CO detection device the i4 detector sounder produces both Temp 3 and Temp 4 patterns sending smoke and CO alerts to the panel and homeowner to meet for both UL268 for Fire Protection Signaling Systems and for Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection with a single device It is CSFM listed for the state of California i4 detector CO sensor also includes RealTest capability the functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 720 2009 Per the RealTest enables the functionality of the CO sensing cell to tested using a short spray of canned CO and NFPA 720 require every system connected CO detector to a means to send the sensor end of life signal to the control The i4 detector utilizes an electrochemical CO sensing cell that a 10 year life Thirty days prior to end of life the system will send a signal to the panel The blue LED on both the detector and module will blink indicating a CO trouble condition If the trouble is not addressed after a period of 30 days an intermittent will notify the homeowner that there is an issue with the detector that the i4 detector CO cell is field replaceable servicing a cell at end of life is now a breeze Delivering Value and Safety safer more attractive home homeowners the i4 system provides increased peace of mind Because the i4 is system connected solution it enables 24 7 central station monitoring In the case a fire or CO event the i4 system will provide residents a local alarm while sending appropriate alert to the central station to initiate emergency response protocols an emergency this provides a much higher level of protection over retail solutions if residents are away from home or are unable to respond to a local alarm they are sleeping disabled or overcome by the effects of smoke or CO In the i4 system is professionally installed and sends all trouble conditions such an end of life signal to the panel and central station to help ensure proper system and operation common objection homeowners have to including system connected fire and detection with their security systems is the additional wall or ceiling clutter the CO have traditionally created However because i4 combines CO and smoke on a single device it now requires no more wall or ceiling space than today combination solutions while still providing the extra levels of protection made through system connection Finally like the security system itself many insurers offer additional discounts when the home has smoke and CO detectors materials less labor more profit the sidebar on the right shows the i4 combination solution is a considerably more solution for dealers and installers than the traditional separate device It provides more functionality with less devices to install less wire to purchase pull and provides your customers a more attractive solution with increased That means you can install more systems in less time and at less cost to higher recurring monthly revenue RMR and increased profits In addition who include fire and CO detection in their security subscriptions are more to continue their service leading to higher customer retention Detector Placement On every floor Within 10 feet of all areas In any room that contains fuel burning appliance Can be mounted on the or ceiling Value Installation typical house example includes basement with a fuel burning a main level and a floor Traditionally this would 6 smoke detectors and 3 detectors on 1 panel zone of sounders is also requirement i4 significantly reduces parts labor required for this by combining the smoke CO detectors onto a single and using the i4 module to the number of wires required each detector from 8 2 for smoke 6 for CO to just 2 wires e g installation parts traditional 16 parts i4 Series number of parts reduced a typical installation by the i4 Series on the amount of wire needed reduction over installation Wire runs 30 feet Wire 30 cents per foot Labor rate 65 per hour Monoxide and Smoke alarm for multi level residence The i4 System Series Detector i4 Series Combination CO Smoke Detector includes a variety of that simplify installation and maintenance while increasing level of protection for your customers Single device for CO and smoke detection that uses less wiring and junction boxes Compatible with a wide range of control panels with the use of the i4 Interface Module Sends distinct smoke and CO signals to the panel Sounds Temp 3 for smoke and Temp 4 for CO Built in 85dB sounder LEDs display operational CO and smoke status External IR LED provides extended range smoke sensitivity testing Versatile mounting allows for wall or ceiling placement Easily replaceable electrochemical CO cell with 10 year end of life that signals the panel and chirps to alert the homeowner RealTest enables functional gas testing using canned CO Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms provide false alarm Compatible with SENS RDR smoke sensitivity tester For product specifications visit www systemsensor com i4 Series CO Smoke Detectors

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