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2012B Smoke Detector Built in Relay and Horn Division of Pittway Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 736 7672 Fax 630 377 6495 Available Photoelectronic Detector 12 VDC operation Built in 85dB electronic horn Built in relay can be connected to lights bells horns annunciator or control panel Interconnectable up to 12 units Visual alarm and power indicator Ceiling white color Built in 8 second delay on relay output Built in test switch Twist on mounting bracket with tamper option for easy Improved chamber design for greater stability 3 year warranty attractive and easy to install System Sensor detectors are designed to respond to a broad range fires while providing maximum stability These are designed primarily for applications where wiring may be used h 5.5 dia mm h 140 mm dia oz 150 grams Range to 93 RH noncondensing upon local fire codes Australian Standards Ratings Voltage Contact Rating Current Current Range by VDC nominal Form A 5 A 30 VDC maximum average mA maximum average 12 VDC to 120 F 0 to 50 C 3786 1993 System Sensor 8 96 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes Description Sensor 2012B photoelectronic detectors are self and offer an 85dB alarm horn An external push provides a test of the detectors alarm function Up 12 units can be interconnected so that if one detector all detectors alarm A normally open auxiliary relay is available for controlling external functions visible LED indicator flashes once every 40 seconds in and rapidly in alarm when detecting smoke The offer low voltage operation and a tamper proof Screw terminals and a mounting bracket are for easy installation INPUT INPUT INPUT INPUT RELAY INTERCONNECT UP TO 12 DETECTORS Wiring Diagram Information No smoke detector with relay 12 VDC multiple station UL listed AS 3786 1993 Sensor Worldwide Distribution India Canada Sensor India Sensor Canada Maheshwari Nagar Kitimat Road Unit 7 Mills Lane Ontario East Mumbai 400093 L5N 3T5 91 022 8202564 905 812 0767 905 812 0771 the United Kingdom Sensor Europe Ltd Gates III North St West Sussex 5PJ United Kingdom 44 1403 276500 44 1403 276501 2 the Far East Sensor Far East Ltd 706 New T T Centre Canton Road Kowloon Hong Kong 852 2730 9090 852 2736 6580

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