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C O N V E N T I O N A L D E T E C T I O N 6424 Beam Detector Available Projected Beam Smoke Detector Transmitter and Receiver Projected Beam Smoke ULC listed Overview to 330 protection range operating temperature range to 131 24 VDC operation and transmitter may be pow separately or together EOL power relay supervises both and transmitter test included and wall mount brackets included LEDs No special tools automatic gain control compen for signal deterioration from dust test station option warranty Sensor Model 6424 Projected Beam Smoke Detector is uniquely suited protecting open areas with high ceilings where conventional spot type smoke are difficult to install and maintain Listed for operation at the broad temperature range in the industry to 131 the 6424 can be used in or warehouse applications to provide early warning in environments temperature extremes exceed the capability of spot type smoke detectors 6424 consists of a transmitter and receiver with separate alarm and trouble which distinguish between a percentage of signal blockage and a total block Four alignment LEDs on the front of each unit indicate signal to ease alignment The Remote Test Station with alarm LED indicator RTS451 is an accessory that mounts to a standard single gang box and test and reset the Beam Detector from a remote location Specifications Specifications Receiver Specifications projected beam type smoke detector be a 4 wire 24 VDC device to be with U L listed separately supplied control panels only Unit shall be to U L 268 and shall consist of a transmitter and receiver capa of being powered separately or The detector shall operate in a short range 30 ft or long 100 ft mode The tempera range of the beam shall be to The detector shall feature a bank four alignment LEDs on both the and transmitter that are used to proper alignment of the unit with special tools The beam detector feature automatic gain control will compensate for gradual signal from dirt accumulation on The unit shall include both ceil and wall mounting brackets Testing be carried out using calibrated test or a magnet activated remote test to 330 length to 100.9m total obscuration or total obscuration Condition Trouble or more obscuration gain control limit initial alignment Aid signal strength indication red LEDs Indicator red LED Indicator amber LED to 32 VDC Maximum Ripple Voltage peak to peak Current 24 VDC maximum Current 24 VDC maximum Current 24 VDC maximum Surge Current 24 VDC maximum Contacts Current 24 VDC at 30VAC DC Time seconds maximum Indicator flashing green LED Time after 5 min reset minute maximum Features filter reset switch test and reset switch compatible with and RTS451KEY test station Detector Spacing smooth ceilings 60 feet between beams and not more one half that spacing between projected beam and a sidewall spacing may be used depending ceiling height air flow characteris and response requirements See 72 trouble relay is required to supervise power Specifications to 131 to 55 RH noncondensing Loss memory for 5 minutes minimum Transmitter Specifications to 32 VDC Ripple Voltage peak to peak 24VDC maximum Specifications w no bracket x 8.5 W x 7 D w ceiling mount bracket x 8.5 W x 7 D w wall mount bracket x 8.5 W x 10 D 1.5 lb 663 g 1.3 lb 598 g ceiling and wall brackets with attached cable Smoke Detector Wiring Diagram and Receiver Powered Together A LOOP PANEL A LOOP PANEL POWER MODULE ENERGIZED FOR PROPER AN RELAY MUST USED and Receiver Powered Separately TEMPORARY WIRING FOR ALIGNMENT AID POWER MODULE ENERGIZED FOR PROPER AN RELAY MUST USED TO ARE Remote Outputs Test Station Connection STRIPE STRIPE REMOTE OUTPUTS SIGNAL STRIPE TEST STATION Smoke Detector Mounting Diagrams Mounting SCREW x 1 3 8 in WASHER WASHER HOLE ONLY LENS ADJUST POTENTIOMETER ONLY PLUG Mounting SCREW x 2 1 4 in WASHER WASHER MOUNTING HUB HUB HUB HUB MOUNTING BRACKET 2 EGRESS PLUG USED TO UNUSED HOLE HOLES BRACKET 2 EGRESS PLUG USED TO UNUSED HOLE ONLY LENS ADJUST POTENTIOMETER ONLY PLUG Information No 24 VDC projected beam smoke detector transmitter receiver ceiling and wall mounting brackets as above Canadian model test filter test station test station with key lock annunciator of line relay 24 VDC kit for ULC model Sensor Sales and Service Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 630 377 6495 on Demand x3 Sensor Canada 905.812.0767 905.812.0771 Sensor Europe 44.1403.276500 44.1403.276501 Sensor in China 86.29.524.6253 86.29.524.6259 Sensor in Singapore 65.6273.2230 65.6273.2610 Sensor Far East 85.22.736.6580 Sensor Australia 613.54.281.142 613.54.281.172 Sensor India 91.124.6371770 91.124.6373118 2002 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product speci without notice

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