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Accuflow T Tap State Detectors Available cover removed Flow Detector Flow Detector Flow Detector Flow Detector Parts wrench tamper kit kit Kit PCB kit Overview state retard assures precise accuracy for use with 1 NPT selections simplify settings two wire design connection to a local bell and or addressable systems accommodate up to AWG wire switches activate the alarm panel and local simultaneously retard assembly Sensor Accuflow T Tap series is a new line of solid state waterflow designed for primary signaling in residential systems and branch line These models fit 1 NPT tees including 1 1 1 4 and 1 1 2 NPT ferrous and brass tees 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 and 2 copper sweat tees CPVC tees and 1 1 2 polybutylene tees For 2 cast and malleable threaded use 2 paddle P02 0023 000 provided Construction The Accuflow AFDT model consists of a rugged enclosure for and outdoor use Like all System Sensor waterflow detectors Accuflow mod operate across a wide temperature range from 32 to 120 0 to 49 Performance Accuflow detectors incorporate a solid state retard to ensure accurate timing Designed for use within conventional and addressable alarm systems Accuflow detectors include connections for both the panel or module as well as a local bell or notification device Alarm Immunity The solid state circuitry of the Accuflow series provides timing accuracy over traditional mechanical retard designs This accuracy the risk of false alarms created by pressure surges or air trapped within sprinkler system Operation Accuflow detectors are designed to simplify installation Wired traditional waterflow detectors the Accuflow series does not require the installer run an additional third wire Two conduit openings permit easy attachment to the alarm system Specification style water flow detector with a solid state retard shall be an Accuflow Series model number manufac by System Sensor Water flow detector shall be installed on a tee that has a 1 NPT branch including 1 1 1 4 or threaded ferrous or brass tee 1 2 copper sweat tee 1 CPVC tee or 1 1 2 polybutylene tee as designated on drawings and or specified herein For 2 cast and malleablle threaded tees use 2 paddle P02 0023 000 provided shall mount on any clear pipe span of the appropriate size either in a vertical or horizontal run at least 6 from fittings or valves which may change water direction flow rate or pipe diameter or no closer that 24 from a valve or For 2 cast and malleablle threaded tees use 2 paddle P02 0023 000 provided Detectors shall have a sensitivity the range of 4 to 10 gallons per minute and a static pressure rating of 250 psi The detector shall respond to water in the specified direction after a preset time delay The delay mechanism shall be a solid state unit which is field via a dipswitch The actuation mechanism shall include a polyethylene vane inserted through the tee fitting and by a mechanical linkage to the delay mechanism Outputs shall consist of one SPDT switch Form C contact one SPST switch normally open for wiring to an alarm panel or addressable control module and or bell or notification Two conduit entrances one of which is a knockout type for standard fittings of commonly used electrical conduit be provided on the detectors A grounding provision shall be provided AFDT housing shall be NEMA 4 rated by Laboratories for indoor outdoor use All other models shall be rated for indoor use Specifications Draw microamps 12 24 VDC or FWR microamps 120 VAC Accuflow and Accuflow Low Flow detectors receive power and operate on a two wire initi zone of a fire alarm control panel When compatibility of these devices the operating voltage of the control panel be between 8.5 and 35 volts In the standby each Accuflow and Accuflow Low Flow acts as a shot across the initiating zone two wire conventional fire alarm control panels more than 5 waterflow detectors may be con to a single initiating zone The maximum time of the waterflow detector plus initiating zone shall not exceed 90 seconds two wire addressable control panels the num of waterflow detectors connected to the signaling line circuit shall be limited by the current capacity Entrances openings for 1 2 conduit one open one type Temperature Range 120 0 to 49 Rating others Indoor rated Indoor outdoor rated NEMA 4 Tamper Switch part no 546 9000 Weight lbs 1.13 kg Use Sprinkler NFPA 13 or Two Family Dwelling NFPA 13D Occupancies up to stories NFPA 13R Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72 Settings 90 seconds in increments of 15 seconds years Part Number tamper switch kit proof wrench for cover kit kit 12 paddles PCB kit Pressure Rating PSI Threshold Bandwidth Flow Rate 10 GPM Surge Feet Per Second FPS Pipe ferrous and brass tees copper sweat CPVC tees and polybutylene tees Dimensions Installed x 3.75 x 6.7 H x 9.5cm W x 17cm L x 3.55 x 6.7 H x 9cm W x 17cm L Ratings SPDT Form C SPST normally open A 125 VAC A 30 VDC Range 35 V DC FWR 132 VAC Information Number flow Detector Fits 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 and brass threaded tees 1 1 1 4 2 copper sweat tees 1 CPVC tees 1 1 2 polybutylene tees flow Detector Fits 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 and brass threaded tees 1 1 1 4 2 copper sweat tees 1 CPVC tees 1 1 2 polybutylene tees version designated with suf AFDTA AFDTHA Sensor Sales and Service Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 630 377 6495 On Demand x3 www systemsensor com Sensor in Canada 905.812.0767 905.812.0771 Sensor in Europe 44.1403.276500 44.1403.276501 Sensor in China 86.29.524.6253 86.29.524.6259 Sensor in the Far East 852.21919003 852.27366580 Sensor in India 91.11.558.2119 91.11.567.6815 Sensor in Singapore 65.273.2230 65.273.2610 Sensor in Australia 613.54.281.142 613.54.281.172 2003 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product speci without notice

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