System Sensor Dangers of CO and Smoke in the Home

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i4 CO Smoke Detectors of Smoke and CO in Your Home Best Protection for You and Your Family The i4 Combination CO Smoke Detector keep your family safe from fire and carbon monoxide you need a life safety product you can trust The i4 series the first system combination CO Smoke detector in the industry provides your home with maximum fire and carbon monoxide gas If dangerous levels of smoke or CO are detected the i4 system sounds a local alarm and automatically alerts a 24 7 station to contact the fire department Take your security system beyond intrusion coverage and transform it into a complete safety system add the award winning i4 series to protect your home and loved ones from fire and deadly CO gas too An added bonus Including life safety devices in your security system may qualify you for insurance discounts And because the combines smoke and CO sensors in a single device you have less clutter on your ceiling for a more attractive life safety system CO Smoke Detector System Sensor COFL33101 3 14 Fire Deaths in 2011 Poisoned by CO Annually of professionally installed monitored detection systems vs retail smoke CO alarms Monitored Smoke CO Detector System Smoke CO Alarms alarm sounds and sent to monitoring station alarm only is the alarm notification method first responders automatically in an emergency loved ones and pets protected you are not home are occupants notified in event of an alarm detector monitored for functionality installation vs happens when the reaches end of life is the device powered often is battery required the CO cell replaceable every device is the same detectors sound no matter the alarm is initiated Proper placement minimal false alarms Chance of improper placement frequent false alarms station is notifiied not notify occupants power from a panel with battery backup which might not function improperly maintained sounds locally but may be heard by all occupants the alarm must be every 10 years entire device must be when CO life expires System Sensor COFL33101 3 14

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