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HVAC Study Oregon State University Demonstration to Installation at Hall State Oregon Directional Sounder Directional Sounders help State University go extra in resident safety the GEM building a residential hall on State University OSU Corvallis Ore was scheduled for remodeling OSU were given the opportunity to put their Housing and Dining Services UHDS Prevention and Protection Program to the test Gus Villaret associate director for housing dining at OSU explains safety is we take very seriously That why thought it would be a good idea to install System Sensor ExitPoint directional sound in the GEM building making it the university in the country to use ExitPoint in a hall Most of OSU residence halls are simply The GEM building however is more The GEM is a seven story concrete building that was converted from a residential hall cell to studio style suites plus one and three bedroom apartments The food area was also converted into loft units the architect perspective normally 231 units were created Each floor consists of three wings and a central lobby elevators The wings are winding so going one corner does not necessarily bring to a stairwell or exit try to meet the letter of the code when about fire and life safety as well as egress explains Kurt Haapala an with Mahlum Architects and designer the GEM building when we walked this building we were all left with a level of uneasiness about the egress It was simply a very confusing building Working in conjunction with the smoke and other audible visible notification the ExitPoint system consists of a of sounders placed throughout the GEM in the GEM building were able to an area in the GEM building bring the level down to where it was virtually dark smoke and run through an evacuation It was extremely convincing he says became apparent to me that somebody in a short period of time even someone with the building could find their way of that building unassisted utilizing the I don know of any other system built a structure that could make that claim just trying to find your way around has an issue says Dan Potter vice president Housing Northwest a non profit property corporation in Portland that works OSU sound makes sense for safety of residents in the building It can a person who hasn been in this became apparent to me that in a very short period time could find their way out that building Steve Owens UHDS Fire Prevention and Protection Specialist The sounders are on the same circuit the building notification appliances and are activated as soon as a sensor the presence of fire or smoke Unlike fire alarm sounders which simply people that there is a fire in the building sound technology directs occupants way to go the perfect solution for the building After witnessing a demonstration of ExitPoint fire prevention and protection specialist Owens urged his colleagues to test deal with some issues of exiting this by making it easier and clearer for to find their way to an exit if there is an Collaboration of all OSU partners made the of ExitPoint into the overall life safety possible In keeping with OSU core is just the latest example of going the extra mile to make sure they the safest accommodations possible Jim Patton fire inspector for the Corvallis Department System Sensor AVCS00501 3 12

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