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CO Study Chief Sealth International High School Hamilton Intermediate School Respect History Seattle Schools Facilities Washington Detectors Strobes Devices Duct Detectors of any renovation in the Seattle school districts an obligation to preserve and maintain its architecture and heritage one of Seattle largest school campuses Sealth and its co located facility Denny Middle School are undergoing a renovation and rebuild Although the are happening simultaneously the is split into building phases Phase One the renovation of Chief Sealth and Phase Two the rebuild of Denny with a light filled galleria the two campuses Renovation of the 230,000 square foot Chief school was completed with an emphasis life safety issues and energy and conservation while revitalizing school appearance inside and out The was to create a superior educational including classrooms with upgrades new foreign language a renovated auditorium and full with Disabilities Act accessibility Catering to roughly 1,000 students who one of the most ethnically and diverse student bodies in Washington Chief Sealth has undergone periodic to its fire and life safety system to this renovation Already equipped NOTIFIER and System Sensor the newly designed system was to maintain that standard and as much as possible Because of its specific experience NOTIFIER and System Sensor Chubb Fire Security a UTC Fire Security Company a fully licensed fire safety and security contractor with at retrofitting properties to current standards worked with Tres West of Tacoma Wash to design manage the installation of the fire and Fire Code But that didn prove to be easy of the in the building was the number beams that crossed corridors says Lane Sales Engineer at Chubb The driving factor was to provide a system nice part the current fire alarm system is it is expandable to accommodate notification devices or the smoke beam detectors heat detectors have you The device compatibility expansion becomes a non issue Bartling in a networked fire alarm situation Sensor devices are working Hamilton is fortunate from an design standpoint to be with a lot of high ceilings From perspective of fire and life safety design similar to Chief Sealth the created obstacles for installing Because the goal was to maintain existing architecture as much as to showcase the historic elements the school the team which consisted Hargis Engineering Inc of Seattle and Steele Corp had to work the building many open beams rooms with partial partitions This it difficult to get complete coverage using standard System Sensor devices are working together in a fire alarm situation thereby providing increased protection for one of the crown jewels of the Seattle district Dennis Lane Sales Engineer at Chubb devices including beam detectors cover some of the high ceiling areas we able to resolve all the detection and issues while preserving the and aesthetic integrity of both concludes Lane were some complications in safety system for the renovation Because Chief Sealth has serviced community since its opening in 1957 school district was concerned about its heritage and existing including its beautiful arched This was one of the factors that into the fire and life safety system actual design of the fire alarm system to accommodating unblemished which in turn created obstacles in the devices says Tony Bartling Manager at Chubb goal was to do as little exposed pipe as possible which caused some challenges in determining the of the smoke detectors and of audible visible devices Overall detectors and notification were placed throughout the in accordance with the providing increased fire protection one of the crown jewels of the Seattle district says Lane Similar to Chief Sealth Alexander Intermediate School has a two year renovation that architectural preservation modernizing the building to create superior educational environment classrooms with technology The restoration of the 134,000 square multi story Hamilton building entailed of existing decorative plaster scrolls and of the historic exterior The modernization focused on fire life safety issues and energy and conservation in order to to today s needs This included the of an existing mechanical tunnel complete overhaul of the and life safety systems and a seismic to meet current safety standards System Sensor SSCS00400 2642

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