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CO Study Pleasant Grove High School Sounder Technology High Level of Protection Alabama High School Grove High School Grove Ala Facility 1,000 Students Heat Detectors Strobes Smoke Detectors Strobes Directional Sounders for an expected enrollment of over 1,000 students grades 7 12 the plans for Pleasant Grove High School in Grove Alabama were submitted in June 2007 by firm Latham Associates building design which called for the largest in Alabama Jefferson County includes stories multiple stairwells an elevator a and kitchen and other features in a typical of schools in the area As a school hosting over a thousand children day fire and life safety was a primary for the building designers as well as Pleasant Grove community The electrical of the design including the fire were managed by Stewart Engineering Construction The bidding process for the fire began in January of 2008 Because Jefferson County school board required the to be local and wanted to restrict technology Stewart considered from three local dealer representatives of fire system manufacturers The design was provided by Cole Equipment a NOTIFIER integrated fire and life safety systems dealer located Pelham Alabama Two main factors led to Equipment being awarded the project experience with school buildings in the and their use of ExitPoint a unique designed to provide directional audio for evacuation of our design for the fire and life safety was driven by code said Jason Cole of Cole Equipment example all of egress are required to have fire We used NOTIFIER intelligent smoke detectors manufactured Said Cole installed ExitPoint at exit and in every stairwell This technology guide occupants along the safest routes of the building even in low or no visibility The design also called for heat detection to used in challenging areas like kitchens or closets where cooking smoke steam chemicals had the potential to cause nuisance in photoelectric smoke detectors Beyond doing the fire System design Cole inspected and approved the fire installation at several points during the process In addition they conducted life safety inspection that tested every fire device including magnet tests on each installed ExitPoint at every exit and in stairwell This technology can guide along the safest routes out of the even in low or no visibility Jason Cole President of Cole Equipment smoke detector In all seven above ceiling were conducted from April to 2009 Overall the fire and life safety systems include NFS2 3030 NOTIFIER panel one remote one LCD and nine power supplies include 50 addressable NBG 12LX stations 294 2251B intelligent photoelectric detectors 50 5251B heat detectors intelligent duct smoke detectors 48 SPSR strobes 125 P2R horn strobes and 67 ExitPoint Directional Sounders A final life safety sign off took place in June 2010 allowing the school to open its doors August for the 2010 2011 school year addition to fire and life safety systems System Sensor in all the hallways Because detectors are addressable safety officials the panel will be able to identify smoke filled to better route fire fighting traffic in an All paths of egress were also to provide both audible and visual so System Sensor P2R horn strobes installed along evacuation routes by code Latham Associates included requirement to provide even higher levels of for the school students staff and Architects from the firm had recently a demonstration of the System Sensor directional sound technology and felt would be ideal for the school The ExitPoint system consists of a series of placed throughout a building The are on the same circuit as the building appliances and are automatically as soon as a sensor detects the of fire or smoke Unlike standard fire sounders which simply alert people that is a fire in the building directional sound directs occupants along egress System Sensor SSCS00200 2532

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