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Case Study Hueytown High School Leads the Way New High School Safety System High School Alabama Directional Sounder directional sound technology provides a higher level of for a large Alabama high school of the newest schools in Birmingham Ala County School System is Hueytown High At a cost of more than 37 million the two story building boasts a competition gym a 650 seat auditorium 100 seat lecture hall auxiliary gym performing center dance studio kitchen and dining hall seating for 358 cosmetology lab band and rooms and 52 classrooms Moreover the can accommodate 1,200 students Realizing a need to protect a large number of staff and visitors occupying the fire and life safety was the primary goal the building architectural firm Lathan They included a requirement to a level of protection beyond the codes that all egress pathways must both audible and visual signals The who had seen System Sensor directional sounders demonstrated at a recommended them to Stewart the company in charge of the fire system and demonstrated ExitPoint We saw the of it especially if the power is out and dark or if there is smoke says Shawn electrical designer at Stewart System Sensor representative came to our gets people quickly to the points of the building System Sensor is the manufacturer I know of that has this type of ExitPoint is the only one I specify ExitPoint has an integral audio amplifier that a pulsating sound consisting of low mid and high range sounds broadband noise makes it possible to the location of the sound There are pulse patterns that can be used to create egress pathway out of a building and to mark exits In addition to the broadband the sounder is capable of playing an alert in the form of a recorded voice or other audible signals These instruct occupants of the correct to take as they approach the directional and enable them to react quickly and when the sounder is activated different language combinations are provides specific direction whereas evacuation just brings the emergency to attention When you are in a building a fire alarm system is going off you can hear the sound that ExitPoint makes the voice telling you to here Crawford very discerning ExitPoint has a white chirp sound and says here whereas voice evacuation device makes a couple of siren noises and then says need evacuate And they don have to be synchronized with voice evacuation messaging coming from speaker strobe devices you are sitting in bleachers there may be a speaker strobe you telling you to exit As you make your out then you hear the sound from Crawford adds Crawford designed 48 of the PF24V ExitPoint sounders into the high school one is an extreme benefit to the end If they ever do have that big of an this system will lead people out and out quickly and to the right places Shawn Crawford electrical designer at Stewart Engineering to instruct occupants that they are an exit a stairway up a stairway down an area of refuge Crawford designed a fire system with smoke in the main halls corridors storage mechanical rooms strobe light horns as as ExitPoint in the halls and stairwells and lights in the restrooms The design also voice evacuation in the two gyms the and the cafeteria Everything is to one fire alarm control panel in the main electrical room The ExitPoint are wired on the same system as the alarms In addition separate voice remote power stations with CB capabilities were placed in larger areas so that the staff has access to a system in the event they need to make announcement for everyone to hear Even though several types of audio devices be going off at the same time as ExitPoint a can hear and differentiate between them works along with voice evacuation and not compete with other audio devices each stairwell and set of fire doors on the level and one at each outside doorway the first level want to install ExitPoint near doors and close to doors near stairwells so can get people out Crawford explains Crawford experienced the benefits of when he was designing Pleasant High School a similar high school in the County School District of the that made this product so attractive to me its benefit for such a large school I didn to a very big high school Crawford says have to worry too much about how to get of the building in an emergency But in these 300,000 square foot buildings especially the ninth graders who aren familiar with the it can be terrifying especially in an ExitPoint will help because if you in an emergency situation you can follow voice out of the building Crawford continues is an extreme to the end user If they ever do have that of an emergency this system will lead people and out quickly and to the right places System Sensor AVCS01000 6 12

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