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HVAC Study Children Museum of Denver Sound Is an Ideal Fit Children Museum Museum Denver Colorado Directional Sounder Children Museum of Denver installs to help guide visitors to in case of fire Children Museum of Denver takes pride in surprises around every corner providing interactive learning experiences for newborn to age 8 But museum realized that the facility fun filled of displays spanning three floors could it difficult for visitors to find an exit in the of a fire Per an agreement made with the City of the museum was allowed to open with a basic fire detection system The museum however eventually need to upgrade its and life safety systems to compensate for lack of an adequate water supply and fire access When the time came to good on this agreement museum enlisted the help of System and several Denver area installers and among others to get the job done The museum enhanced its fire and life safety with the addition of duct and open area manual pull stations at its exits Sensor horns and strobes and a intelligent fire alarm control panel a remote annunciator which has a zone of the building for fire department use Bond the museum vice president of operations who spearheaded the upgrade search was especially drawn the opportunity to install the System Sensor directional sound system ExitPoint a series of directional sounders that non verbal cues to lead people to an exit in event of a fire Evacuees intuitively know to the sounders to safety According to Dave Boswell director of development for Hughes Associates Colorado the engineering firm for project ExitPoint is a good fit for the type of the museum serves nature of took that test as well as others conducted easily found his way to an exit when ExitPoint system was activated same day at the museum to make out of some of the local fire officials had never heard of ExitPoint and were about its effectiveness Boswell notes Denver chief fire protection engineer was concerned that ExitPoint might with the evacuation signal for the fire alarm system Thus Hughes and the City of Denver agreed to a ExitPoint would go on an circuit circuit so if the fire department wanted it could silence ExitPoint without silencing the alarm signal says Boswell designed it such that it was on a nature of the museum lends to this type of technology the fact that you got a occupancy Dave Boswell Director of Business Development Hughes Associates museum lends itself to this type of by the fact that you got a occupancy he says As many as 90 of the people in the museum at any time aren familiar with the building he estimates so giving occupants clear exit cues is a real benefit Serving people with special needs also as a plus for ExitPoint of the criteria for recommending ExitPoint is that would clearly enhance egress for people who visually impaired says Boswell During a conducted at the museum a blindfolded says the System Sensor horns and do a good job of alerting people that need to evacuate the building which can an especially difficult task with children who trouble disengaging from their activities the museum has chosen to have and the fire alarm go off having ExitPoint on an circuit does enable the option of it to kick in seconds after the initial alarm has started sounding to occupants with critical directional System Sensor AVCS00701 3 12

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