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Case Study New Jersey Naval Museum the Torpedoes Speed Ahead Museum Jersey NJ Photo Smoke Horn Strobes Horn Strobe Outdoor Horn Strobe Ling World War II submersible a new fire protection system along the Hackensack River is the Jersey Naval Museum a place where of missiles torpedoes cannons flags ship models and photographs can experienced The museum is also home to World War II submersible USS Ling SS 297 to its 1945 appearance the USS Ling over 300 feet long and it has floated in a quiet of the Hackensack River since the early Old maps and Life magazines litter the quarters plastic vegetables and a bowl yarn spaghetti liven up the crew galley Part of the Ling restoration involved getting up to the current fire and life safety code so it could continue to host visitors tours and such as those for cub scouts and boy Although USS Ling was originally with interconnected high voltage alarms the local fire department that an actual fire alarm system to be installed This prompted the retired veterans who the museum to reach out to a few fire life safety companies for their expertise we evaluated what the fire alarm system entail besides the monetary estimate we into consideration that these veterans gave service to our country and are now people that come through the about what it is to work on a which has historical significance Joseph F Cioffi III vice president of Protective Systems Inc in Englewood NJ wanted to do something to help out and take part in giving back by the fire alarm system This included equipment and the installation itself Since the Hackensack fire official the USS Ling as a the proposed fire alarm system to meet those particular requirements were concerned with two things explains was the very thick steel on a steel structure especially one as this can be challenging Cioffi says other concern was not wanting to cause to the sub actually helped us the right holes throughout the submarine well as weld the necessary supports for the he says gave us the assurance to install the cabling and everything that needed to install the system They were helpful in participating in the from making holes throughout the to the actual welding Many of veterans were also experienced so that expertise was invaluable the whole installation We are honored and to be able to work the veterans and give a fire alarm system will serve their needs Joseph F Cioffi III Vice President of Bergen Protective Systems Inc with the Hackensack fire official and the Bergen Protective Systems team a design and fire alarm system layout on their site survey was the easy says Cioffi real challenge was the Apart from the fact that it was a environment to work in very compact with a lot of pipes and obstructions the installation was very difficult because it hard to find places to mount the necessary The steel structure pushed us to be with mounting options Bergen enlisted the expertise of the retired for knowing where it was appropriate drill through the sub steel structure as well fabricating steel mounting supports for the which were actually welded to the in the different compartments This was pivotal for Bergen to maintain structure integrity while running the system and mounting the smoke detectors as as the horn strobes continue to donate our time to monitor The system comprised of a Gamewell FCI Honeywell 7100 analog addressable fire control panel with System Sensor appliance devices including horn and addressable smoke detectors all the requirements The panel resides in a room compartment inspect and test the system Cioffi are honored and privileged to be to work with the veterans and give them a alarm system that will serve their needs The honor is that this combined effort was by the members of the New Jersey Security Association when we were recipient of the 2013 Life Safety Installation the Year award It was a terrific achievement all of our personnel who worked so hard on challenging installation for the museum System Sensor SSCS57101

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