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Case Study This Old House Series Smoke Detectors CO Detectors the correct fire alarm system for a home renovation hinges on understanding your state and local codes then installing the right products to meet those codes to Fire Alarm Specialist Greg Smizer owner of Sprint Inc in Waltham Mass He should know For more 30 years Smizer has been installing fire alarm and security in renovated homes across New England has appeared on the Emmy Award winning TV show Old House and offers his expertise on security fire and monoxide CO detection and notification systems which provided for the show 1897 Shingle style home project Newton Mass This project nationally on PBS in 2007 to any renovation is to know and with the local codes know your local Authority Having Often it is your state marshal Get to know the local state fire alarm codes Become with the various licenses permits that apply to your job 72 local building codes state codes Article 760 of the Electrical Code to name a advises Smizer example Massachusetts Nicole Law that CO detectors must installed in housing that uses fuels or has enclosed parking no matter when a home built you can sell it without meeting the current fire code also recommends reviewing the renovation floor plans drastic changes can alter the existing structure For example recent Old House renovation of the 4,200 square foot home changed considerably as existing spaces used for new purposes A porch became part of the master and an original dining room became a family room chose nearly 30 System Sensor products to protect this He selected i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors reversing relay synchronization modules 2W MOD2 loop test and maintenance modules and A77 AB2 retrofit brackets He also installed System Sensor carbon detectors for this uniquely American renovation many cases Smizer says electrical and fire alarm are already in place Normally the fire marshal or an reviews and approves the floor plans and locations of fire detectors alarms and sensors Permit regulations vary by state Once approved the installation can begin a good idea to mark any changes on the drawing and the changes with the local fire official upon inspection says the fire and CO detection and alarm devices were of a complete security package for this renovation Smizer the standard FPL power fire alarm circuit cable red cable throughout Installation in basement and the upper floors easy because the beams were Smizer fished the wire the drywall in the main floors careful not to damage the classic woodwork Keypads installed in convenient yet locations throughout home and then linked to a center detectors match needs Series Smoke Detectors deliver installation ease instant inspection for optimal and reduced costs plug in design and Stop Drop Lock mounting simplify installation Smoothing algorithms intelligent drift compensation minimize nuisance alarms for remote sensitivity testing and remote signaling enable instant inspection Choose the Auxiliary Form C Relay Sounder or Isolated Thermal i3 to suit your application more information visit www systemsensor com i3 or System Sensor All rights reserved Product specifications subject to change without notice 5 10 2418

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