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CO Study Texas Mansion Have It All Peace of Mind New Mansion Mansion Texas Smoke Detectors Monoxide Detectors Series Heat Detectors newly constructed high end homes are likely to come with sophisticated security that integrate life safety protection the rapidly growing suburbs of Dallas affluent with exclusive homes are replacing vast fields where corn wheat and cotton grew Many of these new homes have a system in place often with an integrated alarm system Not so significant in residential years ago these systems have more sophisticated for residential use homeowners are demanding them because want to be assured that their families and are fully protected Residents of one of the homes in the Dallas a 10,000 sq ft ranch style mansion more than just a basic security For this mansion which has 32 rooms five bedrooms and seven bathrooms indoor basketball court complete with a an exclusive outdoor pool area with tub and waterslide and 23 sophisticated throughout the homeowners an extensive security and fire alarm with dependable products to protect and their substantial investment Ed Childs president of Custom Electronic in Dallas which installed the security fire alarm system chose System Sensor heat and carbon monoxide CO for the project chose System products because they have an reputation for quality and an excellent for not transmitting false alarms Childs System Sensor products are working in with a state of the art Home Inc HAI Security System to heat smoke or carbon monoxide is panel goes out to each detector and then back to the panel There are about four on each loop If we had a cut wire or alarm we could trace what caused it an alarm will sound locally and a cellular radio backup will transmit a to a monitoring station located 15 miles from the home The station would in turn contact the fire Childs also chose System Sensor because wanted to offer diagnostic ability to the wanted to use the 2 Wire Loop Module It is a unique feature I like and am putting in other homes as he says chose System Sensor products they have an excellent reputation quality and an excellent reputation for transmitting false alarms Ed Childs President of Custom Electronic Systems the mansion around the clock strategically throughout the house of the detectors are tied into the security installed in one of the four structured panels located in an equipment closet in house Each of the structured wiring panels 42 inches tall by 14 inches wide we done installing all of the wiring for the system which took us about three weeks three technicians the wires looked like a coming out of the wall says Childs the house is so big he continues wiring for the smoke detectors was run in a A wiring fashion three looped circuits for purposes The wiring originates in The System Sensor i3 Series smoke with 2 Wire Loop Test Maintenance offers intelligence through drift and smoothing algorithms to unnecessary maintenance calls When smoke detectors need cleaning they inform homeowner via a remote maintenance that will display that information on the and report to the monitoring station can then schedule a maintenance call go out and clean them Childs adds Sensor product saves a lot of stress for homeowner by reducing the false alarms dirty detectors can cause System Sensor SCCS00300 3 12

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