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CO Study Traditions Apartments Systems Seamlessly in Senior Living Apartments Idaho Detectors Strobes Relays saves time and money using new Silent Knight smoke and devices manufactured by System Sensor Apartments in Boise is the epitome a luxurious living space for seniors offering welcoming environment for this vibrant Currently the single biggest wood structure under construction in Idaho Apartments boasts four stories of four towers consisting of 296,000 feet of living space In addition to 198 apartment units the community has an pool adult beverage area indoor movie sitting room Internet caf and more Every design feature of Traditions Apartments dedicated to creating quality environments service delivery systems for residents That fire and life safety systems which are integrated with the senior living lifestyle Because the development was built in two the installation of the fire and life safety required careful pre planning was a bit of a challenge explains Matt Casey of Guardian Alarm Co Meridian Idaho designer and coordinator for the fire alarm and card reader systems as well as the contractor way we designed strobe circuits smoke circuits and dampers the installation challenging simply the building was worked on one at a time versus just going up as one project were able to make adjustments as in tower one and tower two phase to get those sides up and running before completed tower three and tower four two he continues All systems will then integrated with the main fire control panel on the first floor of tower three To simplify the process Guardian Alarm to work with Silent Knight SK Series manufactured by System Sensor for first time certainly put it to the test explains Overall Guardian found that in all we been very happy indeed the new setup states Casey found out in my labor reports that the smoke alone going with the new Silent protocol actually shaved off about 7.5 in overall installation time adding up to a labor In the overall spectrum of a year time it adds up very quickly Guardian found that using System Sensor Series devices in conjunction with Silent works well with this application that System Sensor smoothly integrates Silent Knight devices states Casey software the ease of the product the of installation and basically the ease of with this project even with all the with the new Silent Knight protocol shaved off about 7.5 hours in installation time adding up to a labor In the overall spectrum of a labor time it adds up very quickly Matt Casey owner of Guardian Alarm Co Meridian Idaho smoke detectors were easier to program install and the monitor modules were just as For example when Guardian went to label devices if one label was missed something wasn on the device mapping it easy to pull the cover plate and see its That was much better than trying read the dip switches and doing the calculation Silent Knight and System Sensor have done their homework and certainly produced a quality product With these seamlessly integrated fire and life features in place Traditions Apartments to provide the luxurious amenities that essential in senior living System Sensor SPCS6201 7 12

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