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Case Study Brighton Bay Retirement Resort Multi Criteria Fire Detector noted that the programming on this system is unique in it has the rooms going into supervisory instead of general Said Olson is the way these systems are starting be programmed especially for environments like these where evacuations can be difficult costly and even dangerous the population In fact the Fire Marshall commented the fire system design for Bay was one of the he seen all the fire system design over 850 detection 10 power supplies and SLC cards world most accurate detector for the most applications award winning Advanced Fire Detector four sensing technologies smoke carbon monoxide and light with intelligent algorithms to maintain the sensitivity to real fire while rejecting nuisance conditions detector is ideal for the most challenging applications where fire detection provides a serious challenge for traditional especially applications where nuisance alarms threaten life safety or interrupt mission critical and revenue activities more information visit www systemsensor com multi in spring of 2010 in Jacksonville Fla Brighton Bay Style Retirement Living Community features 185 studio and two bedroom suites When planning this new senior living community for Jacksonville Fla the Group wanted to state of the art services amenities so each suite will a full kitchen and large spaces and bathrooms can also enjoy such as chef prepared a theater complimentary transportation and living some facilities safety is held to the same standard room appointments or other but not in this case with living environments entertainment options extended state of the art mandate to occupant safety define as freedom of choice and peace of mind said Gottal Executive Director of Brighton Bay Retirement safety is a large part of peace of mind Future Computer Systems FCS Inc an Authorized Dealer the challenge was to provide the most reliable and accurate fire system available to Brighton Bay vision and principles Olson CEO of FCS Inc saw this as an opportunity to the most advanced fire detection technology available So part of its fire detection system FCS proposed using more 185 Advanced Multi Criteria Fire Detectors from System branded as IntelliQuad by NOTIFIER one for each and other select locations Advanced Multi Criteria Fire Detector combines four elements with advanced algorithms to provide the accurate nuisance immune fire detection available It is for applications with zero tolerance for nuisance alarms or have persistent nuisance conditions present wanted something better than the rest said Olson a luxury facility they wanted premium detection As part of overall system we pitched the Advanced Multi Criteria Fire and they liked its capabilities they bought it System Sensor All rights reserved Product specifications subject to change without notice 6 10 2362

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