System Sensor Ionization Intelligent Smoke Detector Recycling

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Technical Field Bulletin All users of System Sensor ionization type smoke detectors Systems Application Engineers 9 03 01 16 System Sensor no longer accepting Ionization Smoke Detectors for disposal affected System Sensor Series are 100 Series 200 Series 400 Series 500 Series 800 Series OPTIONS of January 2016 System Sensor is no longer licensed and will no longer accept ionization detectors for disposal This does not apply to ionization smoke detectors returned under or withdrawn from service at the direction of System Sensor All other returns of smoke detectors to System Sensor for disposal will be returned to the point of origin and secondary distributors of the ionization smoke detectors products above are from any regulatory requirements including disposal of the smoke detector Under NRC a purchaser or secondary distributor in the United States can dispose of ionization in a manner consistent with the disposal of any non hazardous household refuse A exemption exists in most other countries disposal under the exempt status is not preferred please contact System Sensor Customer Service 800 736 7672 for a list of third party ionization smoke detector disposal companies to third party companies for disposal to or within the United States are subject to DOT These regulations include method of packaging weight restrictions and labeling and secondary distributors must work with any third party disposal companies to these regulations are met when shipping ionization smoke detectors Purchasers and distributors are also responsible for any fees associated with the shipment handling disposal of ionization smoke detectors to third party disposal companies there are any questions or concerns please contact the System Sensor Customer Service at 800 736 7672 Sensor Ohio Avenue Charles Illinois 60174 630 377 6580 630 377 6495

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