System Sensor L-Series Mounting Bracket Improvement

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Bulletin Product Continuous Improvement Sensor L Series AV Notification Appliances Horns Horn Strobes Chimes Chime Strobes Wall and Models Update on customer feedback we are pleased to announce further updates to the L Series line of notification We have modified the mounting plate to be more rigid see the picture below We have also added a screw insert for the front product mounting screw to ease installation with the latest continuous improvements can be identified in the field by a yellow label on the box that DESIGN WITH RIGID MOUNTING PLATE and yellow labels on both the mounting plate and itself field action is recommended however replacement mounting plates are available free of charge through our service number below Orderable part number MPUNVL is a 5 pack of mounting plates which the proper screw to use with the new metal screw insert It will work with L Series horns horn strobes chimes and chime strobe products The metal screw insert is also being added to the speaker and strobe mounting plate moving forward Initial Release New thank our customers for your feedback on these products and we will continue to provide continuous to our products Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 Phone 800 736 7672 Fax 630 377 6583 www systemsensor com Service 1 800 SENSOR2 736 7672

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