System Sensor M500M-4-20 Analog Input Module

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M500M 4 20 Input Module System Sensor M500M 4 20 analog input module our commitment to offer solutions for applications SEMS screws for easing wiring Panel controlled status LED Analog communications Rotary address switches Low standby current Mounts in standard 4 inch junction box Listings M500M 4 20 Analog Input Module allows the connection of mA output sensors to a fire alarm control panel FACP The converts the sensor output to a common communication that can be interpreted by the FACP for monitoring and There are numerous sensors available in the marketplace communicate using a 4 20 mA output including gas sensors sensors air speed sensors and more M500M 4 20 Module includes numerous safeguards and features to ensure trouble free operation The module both 3 wire device sink and 2 wire configurations The power supply is isolated from the communication line In a 500 mA current limiter and a cutoff circuit protect the electrical supply from short circuits In the event of a the output voltage will cycle within safe limits until the short removed The output signal is sampled and filtered for transients noise prior to passing the signal on to the FACP If the current through the sensing circuitry exceeds 25 mA the output will shut down and the short protection process will begin with all of the System Sensor intelligent modules the M500M 4 20 Input Module is rigorously designed and tested for compatibility and environmental reliability in most exceeding industry standards The device is equipped with panel controlled red LED for local status indication The standard terminals will accept wiring from 18ga to 12ga AWG to 32 VDC max Module Specifications Specifications Voltage Line Loop Range Humidity Weight M502M Current Power Supply Supply Standby Supply Sensor Current mA maximum with LED latched on to 140 10 to 60 to 93 noncondensing oz 156 g in W 4.675 in H 1.400 in D max 24 VDC one communication every 5 sec with LED enabled to 28 VDC mA 24 VDC nominal module only does not include sensor current Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 Fax 630 377 6495 specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com current product information including the latest version of this data sheet System Sensor 11 11

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