System Sensor OSYEXP and PIBVEXP Explosion Proof Supervisory Switch WFDS753

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OSYEXP and PIBVEXP Proof Switch Sensor OSYEXP and PIBVEXP explosion proof switches are designed for hazardous locations to handle extreme conditions Designed and approved to operate in hazardous locations NEMA 1 7 and 9 enclosure rating Compact rugged housing Ample wiring space Captured cover screws Single conduit entrance units are ideal for installation in hazardous locations classified follows I Groups C D Division 1 and 2 II Groups E F G Division 1 and 2 Use The OSYEXP is intended for use with outside screw yoke type valves while the PIBVEXP monitors the open position post indicator and butterfly type valves Construction The OSYEXP and PIBVEXP switches contained in a compact and rugged NEMA 1 7 and 9 rated The enclosure operates across a wide temperature from to 160 Operation The OSYEXP and PIBVEXP covers are with four captured screws to prevent screw misplacement the cover is removed A single tapped conduit entrance and wiring space provide quick and easy electrical connection PIBVEXP Specifications Specifications shall be an OSYEXP or PIBVEXP as manufactured by System Sensor The OSYEXP and PIBVEXP shall be installed on each valve designated on the drawings and or specified herein Switches shall be mounted so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the and shall be adjusted to operate within two revolutions of the valve control or when the valve flag has moved no more than one fifth of distance from its normal position The mechanism shall be contained in a NEMA 1 7 and 9 rated metal enclosure which shall provide side entrance for conduit and incorporate a NPT nipple for attachment to the valve body A grounding provision shall be provided switch assembly shall include one SPDT Form C switch with a rated capacity of 15 A 125 250 480 VAC 1 8 hp 125 VAC hp 250 A 125 VDC A 250 VDC The cover shall contain captivated screws The OSYEXP and PIBVEXP switch shall be Underwriters listed for indoor use and CSA certified Specifications Dimensions Installed Weight Temperature Range Rating Entrances Connection Lever Extension Length for OSYEXP Locations Classifications Ratings Use 7 3.125 4.875 3.75 3.25 4.5 1.25 lbs 1.75 lbs to 160 to 71 1 7 and 9 suitable for indoor applications tapped opening for conduit NPT male brass fitting from nipple I Groups C D II Groups E F G SPDT Form C switch A 125 250 480 VAC hp 125 VAC hp 250 VAC A 125 VDC A 250 VDC Sprinkler NFPA 13 or two family dwelling NFPA 13D occupancy up to four stories NFPA 13R Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72 years Information No proof OS Y supervisory switch proof PIBV supervisory switch Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 Fax 630 377 6495 specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com current product information including the latest version of this data sheet System Sensor 4 07

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