System Sensor PSP1 Plug-in Special Purpose Supervisory Switch WFDS750

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PSP1 Plug in Purpose Switch Sensor PSP1 plug in switch is a special supervisory switch designed for applications no other type of listed valve supervisory switch can installed Monitors non rising stem gate and ball and angle valves NEMA 3 rated enclosures 360 mounting design provides greater installation flexibility Adjustable length supervisory cord Lockout feature ensures alarm signal integrity Cover tamper switch factory installed Tamper resistant cover screws Listings Flexibility The PSP1 is to be used on non rising gate valves and ball and angle valves The unit is approved for A and Class B circuits Construction The PSP1 consists of a rugged rain tight housing With its NEMA 3 rated housing and water resistant the PSP1 may be used in either indoor or outdoor applications Operation The PSP1 features a 360 versatile design and an adjustable length cord which allow more to install the unit at the most desirable alignment angle Performance The PSP1 employs a supervisory cord when pulled out closes a set of normally open contacts A feature prevents reinsertion of the cord until the cover is and the unit is reset Removal of the cover or cutting of the results in an open circuit Specifications Specifications shall be a model number PSP1 special purpose supervisory switch as manufactured by System Sensor The unit is not intended or for ordinary usage It is a special application device to be used for unusual conditions where no other approved or listed method protection is available or practical such as non rising stem gate valves When installed on a non rising stem gate valve turning the valve will pull the plug out of the jack and close a set of normally open contacts A lockout will prevent reinsertion and will require removal the cover Tamper proof screws are provided for the cover Removal of the cover cutting of the cord or ground faults will cause an open The device should be wired to the trouble circuit of a fire alarm control panel The PSP1 shall be capable of operating on Class A or B circuits The PSP1 shall be NEMA 3 rated for indoor outdoor use and shall have an operating temperature range of to 149 to 65 The PSP1 shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc and shall be Factory approved Specifications with Bracket Weight Temperature Range Rating Tamper Switch Voltage Operating Current Patent Number 3 2 12 cm 7.5 cm 5.6 cm 21.5 cm lbs 0.8 kg to 149 to 65 3 UL Indoor Outdoor Rated wire 18 gauge waterproof 8 feet long 2.4 m AC DC mA years Wiring Single Device Class B Wiring Single Device Class A No other types of device may be to the same FACP circuit No other types of device may be to the same FACP circuit Information No Special Purpose Supervisory Switch Special Purpose Supervisory Switch ULC model Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 Fax 630 377 6495 specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com current product information including the latest version of this data sheet System Sensor 11 11

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