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I 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS and RA400ZA Canadian Annunciator Range Alarm Current Range to 32 VDC Do not break tab to 32 VDC Break tab NOTE 1 mA maximum to 60 14 to 140 System System 1 not break tab when using an RA400Z or RA400ZA with an intelligent 4 wire duct detector such as the System Sensor DH500ACDC or DH200RP Information National Fire Protection Association has published standards and recommended practices for the and use of the above appliance It is recom that the installer be familiar with these require with local codes and any special requirements of local authority having jurisdiction models RA400Z RA400ZA remote annunciators polarized devices designed for both conventional and applications They have been designed using active current regulator so that the maximum current from the system is 10mA when the input voltage within the specified voltage range remote annunciator is intended to be mounted to a gang electrical outlet box The wiring must be in with all codes The device must be operated its published specifications the remote annunciator according to the instructions with the device being monitored Polarity of the wires must be observed and connected to the terminals and See Figure 1 tab on the back of the RA400Z and RA400ZA must broken off for use with most System Sensor intelligent See Note 1 and Figure 4 After tab is broken the voltage for the RA400Z and RA400ZA is limited to 18 minimum 1 2 TAB DOWN BREAK USE WITH MOST SYSTEMS Note 1 Limitations of Remote Annunciators REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR WILL NOT WORK IF THE DEVICE IT IS TO IS NOT POWERED The remote annunciator gets its from the device to which it is connected If for any reason the being monitored loses power the remote annunciator will not pro the intended visible signal REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR MAY NOT BE SEEN The model RA400Z is for direct viewing and is in compliance with existing Underwriters standards The device must be sited in a location where it be seen by the intended parties The device must not be installed in sunlight or areas of high light intensity where the visible signal be disregarded or not seen DEVICE IS DESIGNED TO WORK SPECIFICALLY WITH SYSTEM PRODUCTS Interconnection with devices other than System may result in unsatisfactory operation Consult device manufac for compatibility REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A VISIBLE SIGNAL System Sensor

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