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Product Duct Smoke Detector Accessories and Engineering Specifications Sensor RTS151 is an automatic fire detector accessory designed to test a remotely located The RTS151 mounts to a single gang box 2 1 2 minimum depth or directly to the wall or shall be place and hold the painted side of the magnet to the test location RTS151 RTS151 with magnet in place some time will elapse 40 sec maximum depending on the detector type before the indicating LED will light The RTS151 is capable of resetting only certain System Sensor models of Specifications power requirements alarm LED shall be 2.8 to 32 VDC and 12 mA maximum The total current shall 105 mA maximum The test and reset switch shall be 10 VA at 32 VDC The alarm response time shall 40 seconds maximum Specifications RTS151 dimensions shall be 4.8 H x 2.90 W x 1.4 D The temperature range for the RTS151 shall to 60 14 to 140 The RTS151operating humidity range shall be 0 to 95 relative non condensing The wire gauge shall be 14 to 18 AWG 2011

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