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Product Duct Smoke Detector Accessories and Engineering Specifications System Sensor RTS2 and RTS2 AOS multi signaling accessories are designed for use with System InnovairFlex 4 wire conventional duct smoke detectors only The accessory has two bicolored that indicate the sensor status of up to two connected duct smoke detectors The key switch on the can be used to select a connected duct detector sensor either sensor 1 or sensor 2 and the sensor can be tested or both sensors can be reset simultaneously using the test reset button status indications include Standby green blink Trouble amber Maintenance amber blink and red Specifications power supply voltage shall be 20 to 29 VDC The power requirements standby shall be 3.0 mA Alarm without strobe shall be 30 mA maximum and alarm with strobe shall be 55 mA Specifications RTS2 and RTS2 AOS dimensions shall be 4.8 W x 5.3 H x 1.6 D The temperature range for the and RTS2 AOS shall be to 60 14 to 140 The RTS2 and RTS2 AOS operating range shall be 0 to 95 relative humidity non condensing 2011

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